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Yerba mate contraindications and more (mate benefits and disadvantages)

Contraindications of yerba mate We have received questions related to yerba mate such as the following: Does mate have benefits and disadvantages? What are the contraindications of erba mate? Does mate hurt your stomach? Do you put yerba mate contraindications hypertension? What are the benefits and disadvantages of mate? Is it true that mate harms fatty liver?

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General aspects

Yerba mate is an evergreen tree belonging to the aquifoliaceae family (Ilex paraguariensis).

They have slightly leathery, simple, oval or lanceolate leaves, irregularly toothed, with a short petiole. The flowers are gathered in axillary cymes. The fruit is a drupe.

It grows wild in humid and little sunny places in southern Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina, and is widely cultivated in these same countries.

It multiplies by seed, which only germinates when the fruit is young. It requires permeable soils and does not require them to be deep, since the roots of this tree are rather superficial. Resists temperatures below 0ºC.

With the young, toasted leaves and shoots, an infusion is prepared that is very popular in South America and that was in use among the Guarani Indians before the conquest.

Likewise, it can be used in the preparation of liqueurs and ice creams and, at present, yerba mate has been incorporated into the composition of natural creams, which have the purpose of nourishing and beautifying the skin.



Yerba mate fights infections, thanks to its microbicidal and antibiotic effects; in addition, it is effective in lowering the fever.

It contains diuretic properties (increases the flow of urine) and acts as a laxative naturally combating constipation quickly. It is also antiscorbutic due to its high vitamin C content.

Externally, cooked yerba mate is good for washing wounds and sores that are oozing; it is disinfectant and at the same time maturing and scarring. Gargles of cooked yerba mate are good in it scarlet fever.

Cold fomentos with cooked yerba mate cure them burns and soothe the pain. When boiling the herb, you must try to lose as little steam as possible, so that the cooking contains the aromatic substances.


Contraindications and disadvantages

Contraindications of yerba mate #1 Nutrient deficiencies A potentially dangerous downside to drinking yerba mate tea too often is the possibility of developing nutrient deficiencies. Studies have noted that a considerable number of people have become anemic after consuming large amounts of yerba mate tea over a prolonged period. This is to achieve that the high levels of tannins in the leaves do not take the proteins from the system and prevent the body from using them effectively.

Anemia occurs when there are fewer red blood cells in the bloodstream than normal, or they do not contain enough hemoglobin. This causes you to develop fatigue and other symptoms associated with nutrient deficiencies.

It is also possible that yerba mate can cause mineral deficiencies, such as calcium and magnesium. This is because they come together and could be excreted from your body in the form of urine.

Contraindications of yerba mate #2 Increased risk of cancers of the respiratory and digestive tract Mate contains carcinogens that have been linked to the appearance of cancers of the respiratory and digestive tract. The levels of these compounds are much higher than those found in other teas. Drinking mate regularly could put you at risk of developing cancer cells in the mouth, esophagus, stomach, lungs or pancreas.

Contraindications of yerba mate #3 Contains caffeine It’s important to remember that although it has less caffeine than coffee, yerba mate does contain caffeine. Caffeine can have a stimulating effect on the central nervous system. This can lead to restlessness, irritability and increased heart rate if drunk in excess. It can also interfere with sleep patterns or cause insomnia if you drink too late.

Yerba mate contraindications #4 Interaction with medications If you are taking any medication, you should also be careful because yerba mate contains an alkaloid called mateína that can interfere with the way your body absorbs some types of medication or increase its effectiveness. It may also reduce the negative side effects of some diabetes medications if taken before meals.

It is necessary to talk to your doctor before taking yerba mate if you have any type of serious medical problem such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer. If you decide to use this type of medicinal tea, be sure to check with your doctor about the best dosage to treat your condition.

Contraindications of yerba mate #5 Dependency Many people who drink regularly become immune to its effects, but others develop an addiction to caffeine. If this is the case, you should avoid yerba mate tea because it could fall into a pattern of regular use. If this happens, you may find yourself unable to stop drinking yerba mate even though it is not doing your health any good.

Contraindications of yerba mate #6 Unhealthy additives It’s important to check ingredient labels if you buy yerba mate from a health food store, as it could have some unwanted additives if they aren’t listed on the label.

Contraindications of yerba mate #7 It can cause problems in the digestive system Like black tea and red wine, there are some health risks associated with drinking yerba mate too often, as it contains tannins. Tannins are compounds found in some plants that have been shown to have antioxidant properties, but are also known to cause digestive system disorders. It can cause diarrhea or constipation and irritate the lining of the mouth. If you suffer from gastritis, you should avoid yerba mate, as it increases the secretion of gastric juices and, because of it, increases the feeling of acidity. It should also be avoided in case of fatty liver (mate hurts the stomach)

Contraindications of yerba mate #8 Also avoid if you suffer from nervousness, stress or anxiety.

Yerba mate contraindications hypertension #9 Avoid in case of hypertensionsince yerba mate stimulates the central nervous system, which can produce an increase in blood pressure.


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