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One of the types of you The most consumed in the world is malbec and in Peru it has become the favorite strain of the people of Lima. This Sunday, April 17, is World Malbec Day (Malbec World Day) and getting the right pairing for this style is not difficult if you follow the advice of experts.

“Malbec’s success on the Peruvian palate is due to its fruity notes that add a light natural, friendly and highly gastronomic sweet”explains Giovanni Bisso, professional sommelier and brand ambassador of the Tabernero Group.

Beautiful purple, marked with fruity notes, silky, velvety, juicy and generous, it is a strain native to the southwest of France. “It was cultivated with which wines called ‘de Cahors’ were made by the name of the region, recognized since the times of the Roman Empire. These wines were consolidated in the Middle Ages and ended up being strengthened in modernity arriving in Argentina in 1853 by the hand of the French agronomist Michel Aimé Pouget (1821-1875) “adds the specialist.

How does this celebration begin?

He World Malbec Day is a global initiative created by Wines of Argentina that seeks to position Argentine Malbec in the world and celebrate the success of the national wine industry. April 17 is the symbol of the transformation of Argentine viticulture and the starting point for the development of this strain, emblem of Argentina for the world.

How to create the right pairing?

The ideal pairing for this type of grape is Italian cuisine and roasts. Between pastas, pizzas, and grilled cuts of meat, the Malbec will harmonize and enhance your mouth. For this important celebration, Giovanni Bisso shares four pairing proposals with wines of different shades that you can enjoy at home or in your favorite restaurant.

1. Pizza: A delicious pizza with plenty of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, vegetables, beef and / or pork among its ingredients will achieve a delicious synchrony with this strain, such as Doña Paula Estate Malbec.

2. Lomo fino: A juicy loin cooked until cooked (vacuum) and sealed with a light pepper crust is a luxury dish to share. Its good taste and structure is perfect as Vittoria Reserva Malbec, which has the strength and elegance of tannins to be able to amalgamate deliciously with a loin cooked with this technique.

3. Argentine steak: Different Argentine cuts of high quality like the steak wide, narrow, picaña and quadril of loin; A perfect mix for a Malbec like Huentala Sombrero Malbec what it is expressed in a singular way. The beauty of this Malbec is matched by different cuts and what better than combining a juicy Argentine meat with a delicious Argentine wine.

4. Tomahawk: A luxury cut! The Tomahawk on the grill of over 1 pound, accompanied by tumbay fries and house salad will be the perfect excuse to celebrate this great day. With such a dish a disruptive wine like Contraste Reserva Malbec It is a perfect choice for a pairing where the tannins of the wine are not together in the fat of this generous American angus cut, achieving an exceptional flavor.

Find these wines on the Grupo Tabernero’s digital platform and celebrate World Malbec Day at home during the month of April.

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