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Workshop ‘Branding in cinema’

´Chicharrón Film Festival II, Day 4

The workshop that we have this time will be very interesting, as we will delve into the world of brands and how they affect our vision. Not only that, but we will also see how we ourselves can become one for ourselves.

What is a brand or ‘Branding’?

Chicharrón Film Festival II

On the 4th of Chicharrón Film Festival we have a very interesting workshop, brands in the audiovisual world. And it is that the first thing we see of a production company, or a film, or even a platform, is its brand. Yes, that large logo that comes to mind just by remembering its title or its name we will mentally encounter its huge brand. Because ‘Branding’, or brand in Spanish, is this; the first thing we will remember about this product. And as a big business that it is, each company or product must be burned into the mind of the consumer. How it differs from other producers, films, from the competition, is what makes this form of marketing something very important. It may seem like a simple thing, a simple name and little more; but it’s actually much more than that. It is playing with the minds of consumers so that they buy you. Also, we encounter the way the rest of the world views us.

Beyond what we see.

Chicharrón Film Festival II Marina de la Vila Nazareth

Taught by Marina de la Villa i Nazarethwe realized the importance of how a brand influences us when buying its product or consuming the service. Because one of the most important elements that the company must consecrate to its brand is the confidence of being in front of something that will benefit you not only financially, but also in front of the possibility of new customers. That is why choosing a brand is not as easy as it seems. That is why established companies and artists know how to choose what will be identified for years. The evolution of brands has been advancing at a gigantic pace, and it is proof of which companies like ‘Coca Cola’ or ‘Schweppes’ have been able to exploit their brand. It’s more, the name of Chicharrón Film Festival it has also been studied so that when the name of this event is said thanks to the name of the food (Chicharrón, for those of you not in the south of Spain) you are demographically located in the place where it is celebrated.

Beyond the person.

Chicharrón Film Festival II Marina de la Vila Nazareth

Now let’s talk about something more specific: The personal brand. For that, I will tell you how many directors have used their way of making films to create their own personal brand. Because we all know that Tarantino love your feet and he likes to play with dialogues that go nowhere. Or to Tim Burtonwhose gothic aesthetic sets him apart from the rest of the directors. There are wilder cases, like that of Alfred Hitchcock, which appeared in all his films, being physically his own brand. In this way, it makes these details set them apart from other directors. Even the fact of choosing a genre or collective makes us stand out, as a very clear example is Los Javis, who usually include the LGTBI community in all their tapes. So your audience knows they will meet. A very common misconception that many people have is that a product must appeal to everyone, it should only appeal to a specific audience. And this is a vital point in marketing, knowing who is a potential customer and who is not.

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