Win a $ 30 Amazon gift card with Swagbucks.

I already gave you my opinion on Swagbucks in a previous blog post. If you haven’t read it, I suggest you take a look at this site / application that allows you to make money.

Today, thanks to ABC Argent, I offer you a bonus in the form of a € 30 Amazon gift card for your first registration! All you have to do is sign up and then complete online tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, or filling out surveys.

Swag Bucks

As I explained, Swagbucks comes in the form of a mobile application but also a place. At Swagbucks, you have to complete tasks. The advantage of Swagbucks over its competitors is the multiplicity of possibilities. You can do paid online surveys, surveys, watch videos, and even play video games.

Completing these tasks will earn you SB (the currency of the application). You can exchange these SBs for PayPal gift or credit cards.

The bonus

Who has never used Amazon? The site is essential for global e-commerce. The site sells so many products that you will inevitably find your happiness.

Swagbucks offers new users to earn 1500 SB during the first month and recover 1500 SB. Which equates to a $ 30 Amazon gift card. In short, during the first month after registration, the goal is to get 1500 SB! A good idea, isn’t it?

How to earn points

After registering, start earning points directly by completing the tasks that interest you (the goal is to have fun too). I highly recommend that you start directly because even if a month seems long, it will take you hours to reach 1500 SB. Therefore, it is best to spread out these hours throughout the month.

To be honest, winning an Amazon gift card is great, but it will take you a few hours on the app. Start by completing a task that you enjoy, such as answering a survey or playing one of the free games offered.

How the offer works

Once you have earned the requested 1500 SB in one month (30 days from registration), 1500 SB will be automatically added to the “My Swagbucks Cards” section. These additional 1500 SBs will be added within 10 days. Then you can exchange your 3000 SBs as you wish!

Once you have requested an exchange, for example, an Amazon gift card, this card will be emailed to you within 10 business days. You can also convert this amount into Paypal money (although I don’t always recommend it, because this technique is less advantageous, it makes you lose more points).

Swagbucks is a reliable site and you will automatically receive your bonus SBs. For example, if you like to stay on your phone while traveling on public transportation or take a break in the evening, feel free to add this app to your habits to turn that time into money or a gift card. You can go to the application by clicking on this link.

If you want other ways to make money with your phone, I highly recommend you go to this article.

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