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Why you shouldn’t subscribe to Netflix’s ad-supported plan: 5 reasons — Conocedores.com

This started the new performance of the Big N to offer a new subscription to try to attract new users, to recover those who were and to try to compete against heavy rivals like Disney (which has different platforms like Disney Plus, Star Plus, ESPN+). and Hulu, depending on the market), Prime Video, HBO Max and Apple TV Plus. Why not subscribe to Netflix’s ad-supported plan?

The reasons are various and the price is clearly not one of them. Available in selected markets and in order not to confuse the readers with the different values, we will take the example of the United States. There, the new plan called Basic with Ads costs $6.99. Strategically, it seeks to compete against Disney Plus, which will launch its own plan with advertising at US$ 7.99, but this difference of one dollar will represent for viewers a big difference in the experience.

Why not subscribe to Netflix’s ad-supported plan

1. On the one hand, the transmission quality will be restricted to 720p. This means that on Full HD, 4K and higher TVs, the content in the summer pixelated. As long as new TV equipment to watch Netflix.

720p is what is known as HD, but this technology was relegated to very cheap equipment that is practically not sold in stores. And it can be used for viewing on a tablet or laptop.

2. For another, there will be a limitation of only one simultaneous playback equipment. In other words, two members of a family will not be able to see different content on different devices. You can only see one at a time, which for a family is clearly a more than obvious disadvantage.

3. Nor will it be possible to download series or movies to watch offline. That is, in addition to the limited transmission quality of 720p, which is more suitable for a mobile phone or a tablet such as an iPad, if one wants to download some content to watch during a trip (for example on the plane or train), you won’t be able to do that.

4. Users will also not have all the series and movies available. Estimate that 5-10% of the Netflix library will not be viewable by users on the ad-supported plan, including -how we published on CONOCEDORES.com- titles like Breaking Bad, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, The Crown and Cobra Kai.

5. And of course, the commercials that are programmed to appear at the beginning and in the middle of the series and movies, with some specific exceptions.

Meanwhile, the plan with advertising of Disney Plus will not have this amount of limitations, since the platform of the giant of entertainment, simply left two plans. One with advertising and one without advertising.

Netflix has a tangle of subscriptions that now range from $6.99 for the ad-supported plan to $19.99 for the Premium Plan. An identical plan to Netflix Premium on Disney Plus costs half as much: US$ 10.99.

In this battle that Netflix has just undertaken, mainly against Disney Plus y HBO Max, it’s clear to sign up for Netflix’s ad-supported plan. For a few dollars / pesos less, the loss of experience is huge.

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