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Why use a disposable suit?

Surgeons using disposable clothing

There are many professions in which they must be extreme safety and hygiene measuressuch as those that have to do with the medical and hospital sector or the food sector.


For this reason, one of the elements that ensure hygiene and compliance with these hygiene measures is the use of disposable clothing disposable, which, if we think about it, has many advantages over the traditional one.


For example, a professional wearing disposable clothing during the performance of his work offers an image of confidence and hygiene towards the patient, as it shows that he takes the necessary measures to carry out his work in the safest way possible.


Disposable clothing is comfortableeasy to use and molds well to the body, in addition, it is waterproof, which means that dust, liquids, substances or unhygienic elements that could alter the safety of the processes carried out do not hit the body. This also prevents stains on clothes and possible infections.


Another thing that ensures hygiene in our workplace is that disposable clothing is disposable, which also saves on laundry costs and clothing storage.


Some very common disposable clothing items that we can offer you at the best price in Professional climate son:


gloves: disposable gloves are the items most commonly used in many professions, including in the domestic environment, when performing cleaning tasks. Thanks to them, we avoid touching skin or elements that could harm our skin.


Masks: this is another element of protection that is usually used in the clinical, cleaning or food sector. The mask not only prevents us from catching bacteria from the air, but also from our breath contaminating the aseptic spaces.


Overshoes: these plastic bags to cover the shoes that are also used in the previously mentioned sectors, but also in places where our shoes can be on the surface of the ground, as they can be, for example, bowling alleys, or even in our own house. , if we have surfaces like parquet.


dressing gowns: it is used in a large number of environments such as hospitals, operating theatres, processing plants, food plants… We love the possible agents and elements that can adhere to our clothes that can harm the quality of our work.


Caps and protectors: preventing our hair from falling in inappropriate places is the main job of these elements. They are used in hospitals, operating rooms, chemical plants, food processing plants or kitchens.


aprons: the aprons are another element, like the sleeves, of protection in our work clothes that prevent stains and splashes.


At Climprofesional we are aware of the importance of clothing in these professions, and we offer you the best products at the best price, always complying with CE and ISO quality standards.


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