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Why subscribing to Star Plus is better than Netflix — Conocedores.com

When we talk about streaming platforms, Netflix is ​​obviously the first that comes to mind for being the forerunner in the format of streaming movies and series online globally. Without embargo, in the last two years the market has changed radically. On the one hand, the entertainment giants decided to play hard with their own services, including Disney, which in addition to Disney Plus, launched in Latin America a proposal superior to that offered by Netflix. Because? subscribe to Star Plus?

One of the main reasons why they sign up for Star Plus, is without a doubt, the option to see the best matches, championships and tournaments of the main sports: from football and tennis, to automovilismo, basketball and much more. With ESPN’s live broadcasts, it is the only platform in Latin America that offers the option of live sports.

Another is its huge library, supported mainly by material from the former 20th Century Fox, now 20th Century Studios, after Disney’s purchase. You can access iconic TV series like 24, Homeland, Lost, Amas de Casas Desesperadas, Family Guy, Futurama, Modern Family, all seasons of The Simpsons, Los Expedientes Secretos X, Prison Break and more. And, of course, to some of the best film productions: from Fast and Furious, Aliens, The Planet of the Apes and the Jason Bourne saga, to Jurassic Park, Hard to Kill, ET, The Day After Tomorrow and many more month.

Why subscribing to Star Plus is better than Netflix

But in addition, it has original series and films, as well as films that have recently been released, such as 30 Noches with Mi Ex, the Argentinian production starring Adrián Suar.

While Netflix continues to lose content, as everything related to Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, Pixar and 20th Century Fox, went to Disney Plus and Star Plus, or from DC Comics and Warner to HBO Max, and the movies of Paramount, they did it to Paramount Plus, its rivals continue to add subscribers and content.

For that, subscribe to Star Plus it’s a great option, especially when paired with the Combo Plus, which includes Disney Plus plus ESPN live sports for less than what you pay for Netflix.

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