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There is something Paramount Plus has managed to sustain Latin America since its launch on March 4, 2021. Being the worst streaming platform in the region also in 2022, something that is easy to argue, reviewing from its limited content offer, its old content player, lack of profiles, inability to watch offline or download countless titles, among other issues.

While it is one of the cheapest streaming services, it is surprising the level of detachment that Paramount Plus manages to transfer to its audience in Latin America. While it is not among the best in the United States, there, at least, the platform is a little more acceptable in terms of titles.

Why Paramount Plus is the worst streaming platform in the region

Paramount Plus is the only non-subtitled streaming platform in its entire library, including its own originals, which were seen (and seven) on other competing services. The difficulties of Paramount Plus with subtitles that lead to conceptual errors such as cataloging as “Español Mexicano” in the subtitle option in our language when available.

Paramount Plus is also the only platform that does not offer user profiles, because if several people in the family want to have their content tailored to their preferences, and continue to sell their series or movies in a personalized way, he will not be able to do so. Yes, there is an option in the United States but not in Latin America.

The streaming service formerly known as ViacomCBS (now Paramount Global) does not offer 4K movies or series, nor does it allow us to select the quality with which we want content.

In the care of a robust library (which at least in the United States, for the sake of rights is complemented by sports), we find many series and movies that are available on other services such as Netflix, Prime Video and even HBO Max, with better image quality, more subtitle options, and no hassle with downloads.

Not all content is available for offline viewing. The download option surprisingly disappears not only in the release titles (something that doesn’t happen on another platform), but also in other classics.

There is no doubt about that Paramount Plus is the worst streaming platform in the region. Between the lack of attractive proposals and the restrictions on downloading to watch offline, or the limitations on its content or its old player, it is difficult to understand how a service of a company that has behind the former Viacom and CBS, a proposal has been generated. so marginal for Latin America.

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