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Why is ArangoDB a leading graph database company?

ArangoDB is a leading open source graph database company that recently raised $27.8 million in Series B funding. This funding round will be used to develop and expand its graph platform, which provides organizations with a comprehensive solution for managing structured and unstructured data across multiple databases, geographies and clouds.

The company’s main product is ArangoDB – an open source multi-model database that combines the best features of document databases with graph database capabilities. This enables it to be used as a single backend for many different use cases including IoT, machine learning, geospatial applications, fraud detection and more. In addition, ArangoDB simplifies application development by enabling developers to access data similarly regardless of its underlying technology.

In addition to its core product, ArangoDB supports both reactive (real-time) and static GraphQL APIs that increase the speed of queries while allowing developers to use open source tooling such as GraphiQL. The company has also developed an Enterprise Enterprise Edition which adds additional efficiency tools and enterprise-grade security and performance updates to their software stack.

Therefore, it is clear why ArangoDB has become one of the leading players in the market when it comes to providing an open source graph database solution to power modern data driven applications. With this latest round of funding ArangoDB looks set to become even more prominent in this area with further expansion plans announced in 2020.

Overview of ArangoDB

ArangoDB is a leading open source graph database company and has recently raised $27.8M in funding. This company provides an innovative solution to many common challenges faced by businesses looking for a powerful, reliable, and scalable graph database.

Let’s look at ArangoDB and why it has become a successful open source graph database company.

What is ArangoDB?

ArangoDB is an open-source database management system. It offers a wide variety of data models and access methods, allowing it to serve as both a multi-model and distributed graph databases. It was designed with scalability, robustness, and performance in mind.

ArangoDB makes use of graph databases to store relationships between individuals and organizations. In the context of ArangoDB, graphs are collections of documents associated with each other through relationships; a unique identifier represents each relationship called an edge collection. Documents in an edge collection contain details about the relationship between two documents within the same graph or within different graphs or collections. This allows ArangoDB to offer features like path finding algorithms and filtering based on predefined criteria or keywords.

In addition to its data model offerings, ArangoDB also provides powerful tools for working with first-party applications such as its storage engine and third-party applications such as Apache Kafka for stream processing purposes.

Recently, Open source graph database company ArangoDB raised $27.8M Series B funding round; this money was used to accelerate development of new features like mobile deployment capabilities to enhance market usage efficiency and better compete against legacy solutions offering similar features such as Oracle Database or MongoDB — which have limited scalability options compared to ArangoDB’s native ability to scale up or down with ease while remaining consistent in terms of uptime and throughput performance across different deployments scenarios.

Features of ArangoDB

ArangoDB is an open source graph database technology provider raising the bar for the general industry. ArangoDB has sourced a $27.8M financing to help further its development and growth, enabling extended features and capabilities of their graph database company.

ArangoDB has also gained significant recognition in recent years as one of the leading players in the open source graph database market with its new generation of databases. Many differentiators make ArangoDB stand out from other companies in this space, such as:

  • Intelligent Transactional Graphs – This allows developers to use ArangoDB’s powerful query language AQL (short for ArangoQuery Language) to traverse around networks of data and develop very personalized applications that smartly adapt to user’s data needs
  • High Performance – The application maintains excellent performance when working with high volume data, thanks to its data organization model which works with pre-labeled collections of documents and dense graphs
  • Scalability – Because it enables flexible scaling, ArangoDB provides suitable functionality for large organizations or medium to small businesses
  • Multi Model Architecture – The multi model architecture integrates document, graph and key/value models into one system making it easier for developers to work with multiple types of data
  • Open Source Software – Powered by an open source software license, users can make modifications within the system without relying on proprietary standards set by vendors

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Benefits of ArangoDB

ArangoDB is a leading open source graph database company that allows you to store, query and process large amounts of data. It is well known for its ability to combine the flexibility of a document store and the power of a graph engine.

This article will look at the benefits of using ArangoDB as your open source graph database company.

Flexible Data Model

ArangoDB is a leading open source graph database company that has raised $27.8M in venture capital. It provides users many benefits that set it apart from other database solutions. One such benefit is its highly flexible data model, which allows for efficient data manipulation without complex information modeling or normalization.

ArangoDB enables users to store JSON documents, key-value pairs, and graphs in one database — meaning that data can be easily managed and manipulated within the same database. This flexibility makes it easier to query, analyze and manipulate large volumes of disparate datasets and opens up new possibilities when combining unrelated or loosely-related data points.

As ArangoDB supports multi-model technology, users can natively store and access different types of information in the same database without having to rely on costly indexing or ETL operations which can be slow and tedious to maintain. In addition, ArangoDB combines an expressive query language (AQL) with powerful joins across multiple collections enabling developers to quickly create insights from their data without needing an external scripting language such as Python or Java.

This flexibility provided by ArangoDB’s multi-model technology has made it a preferred choice for many developers looking for a cost effective yet powerful graph database solution.

Native Multi-Model

ArangoDB is an open source native multi-model database which combines the power of graphs and documents into a single easy-to-use platform. This is the core technology that makes ArangoDB a leading graph database company. This combined approach offers powerful flexibility, allowing developers to mix different kinds of data in one model, providing faster, more intuitive development solutions. In addition, a native multi-model approach allows developers to quickly and easily search multiple data collections simultaneously rather than just executing a single query.

For example, suppose you are looking for information on relationships between entities such as customer orders or message flow. In that case, ArangoDB can quickly traverse documents and graph nodes in one query, allowing you to gain key insights much faster than traditional SQL or NoSQL databases.In addition, ArangoDB offers enterprise features such as parallel queries, distributed transactions and a flexible access control system that ensure scalability and security for users’ data across different models.

ArangoDB’s native multi-model approach simplifies the development process for users beyond what’s possible with traditional databases by offering an integrated platform tailored specifically for application development. Databases built around an integrated model like ArangoDB require fewer moving parts.

Hence, they are easier to manage and maintain while providing superior performance over more complex heterogeneous systems with distinct components optimized for particular tasks.

Moreover, since ArangoDB is an open source graph database company its user community means there is always support on hand when something goes wrong or when extra help is needed with a particular feature or question. With its powerful multi-model capabilities wrapped within an easily accessible user interface, ArangoDB continues pushing boundaries within modern databases.


ArangoDB is a highly scalable and reliable open source graph database with superior performance. It offers efficient query capabilities, enabling users to explore and analyze data with ACID transactions and fail-safety for multiple concurrent readers or writers. It is powered by three unique data models: graph, document, and key-value. This allows for powerful real-time queries that provide businesses with detailed insights into their data structure.

The scalability of ArangoDB ensures that it can grow as the data volume increases while providing users with high performance and consistent response times. It features an easy cluster deployment process that makes it simple to scale clusters across multiple nodes horizontally. This also lets businesses add resources whenever needed to maintain performance standards as usage grows. In addition, adopting a multi-model design eliminates the need for data reorganization when adapting to changes in business operations since a single instance of ArangoDB supports all models.

Overall, ArangoDB’s scalability makes it ideal for businesses that need large-scale solutions to handle the ever-increasing amount of data they generate daily while providing robust support for powerful queries with superior speeds and response times.

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Open Source

ArangoDB is a leading open source graph database company. Offering an expansive suite of innovative software, ArangoDB provides the most advanced and complete Open Source NoSQL database, designed to meet the sophisticated needs of modern software engineers.

The ArangoDB Open Source offering enables customers to use the core distributed graph database for free. It allows customers to develop, manage, and operate great applications with less technical debt and lower cost. This makes it easier for organizations to bring ideas quickly to market by removing barriers that in-house databases keep up. The Enterprises Edition offers a cluster-wide graph sharding capability while enabling production grade features such as encryption at rest, unlimited scalability and persistent ACID transactions with multi-document ACID across collections.

With support services in place that provide quick access to experienced engineers ready to assist and help companies reach their goals’ faster than ever using ArangoDB’s platform; developers are no longer limited by legacy systems or intense resource requirements when developing their projects. The open source initiative adds value by allowing developers freedom of use and keeping costs low when leveraging this technology’s powerful capabilities into every project put forth on this platform.

Open source graph database company ArangoDB raises $27.8M

Open source graph database company ArangoDB recently raised $27.8M in funding from prominent venture capitalists, highlighting the company’s impressive growth. This funding will enable ArangoDB to continue to develop their software and prove that they are a leading graph database company.

Let’s look into the details of the recent funding and why ArangoDB is considered a leading graph database company.

Overview of the Funding Round

ArangoDB, an open source graph database company, recently announced the successful completion of its Series C funding round. The Berlin-based company raised $27.8 million in new funds, led by the US venture capital firm CapitalG, with participation from existing investors Earlybird VC and Deutsche Bank’s DACH Fund.

The investment will drive ArangoDB’s growth and scale of its network as well as enhance the capabilities of its open source distributed graph platform and ArangoCloud modules. In addition, it will allow ArangoDB to drive further innovation in its cloud native offering for graph analytics, data synchronization and workload mobility across the public cloud platforms it currently supports.

The proceeds from this new investment will also be used to accelerate product development efforts, continue building out its global partner ecosystem and ramp up sales and marketing initiatives. CapitalG partner Riyad Ghezai will also join ArangoDB’s board of directors as part of the financing arrangement.

This latest funding round brings ArangoDB’s total raised capital close to $50 million since 2016, solidifying it as a leading graph database company in Europe and beyond. With remarkable growth over the past few years across its customers base including major enterprises like Merck KGaA (OTCMKTS: MRKIF), Bitfinex and Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), ArangoDB is well positioned to further increase adoption of native multiple model technology worldwide.

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Impact of the Funding Round

The $27.8 million funding round for ArangoDB, a leading open source graph database company, has substantially impacted the company’s trajectory. This round of funding brings ArangoDB’s total funding to $47.38 million, allowing the graph database to increase resources and expand its customer base. The financing was led by Silicon Valley-based TCV and new investors Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners (DTCP), 3×5 Special Opportunity Fund, and Introspect CP participated in the round with existing investors seeking re-investment opportunities.

Funding at this level provides additional resources to the ArangoDB team, creating numerous growth opportunities and allowing them to further expand their customer base. The additional funds will be used for product development for their core products and supporting technologies that leverage ArangoDB to provide end-to-end data solutions. Additionally, these resources will allow them to upgrade customer experience with improved support services and create a competitive advantage compared to other database providers in their market segment.

With these funds now secured by ArangoDB, customers can benefit from better services, significantly improved database performance, more feature sets compatible with ever changing modern application requirements and the continuing availability of an excellent graph database solution now integrated with leading cloud service providers too.


In conclusion, with its open source, distributed and highly scalable platform, ArangoDB is proving to be a leader in graph databases. The recent investment of $27.8M only serves to further back up this statement. ArangoDB’s ‘multi-model’ design allows users unprecedented flexibility when using the technology for their projects and goals. Combining tabular data, key-values data, documents, graphs and objects into a single platform offers an unbeatable performance level compared to competitors.

The multi-model joint statement language AQL gives developers unique power when writing queries that can access all data types simultaneously – improving both speedup and performance in equal measure. Finally the well established support network that the firm has offers exceptional aftercare and customer service which remains unsurpassed in today’s market making ArangoDB one of the most desirable graph database companies on the planet

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