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Why does hair fall increase in autumn?

During the fall, many of us worry because our hair falls out more than usual. In addition, coronavirus infection can increase this loss according to the Institute of Integral Dermatology (IDEI).

Why does hair fall increase in autumn?

Hair loss is increased when autumn arrives. EFE/Sales

Hair loss during the autumn months is a common situation.

The doctor Miguel Sánchez Viera, director of the IDEIclarifies that the increase in hair loss at this time of the year is due to the hair renewala completely normal process that we all go through.

However, the IDEA points out that some of the patients who became infected with the covid-19, even mildly, have experienced one increasing abnormal hair loss two or three months after infection.

This abnormal hair loss caused by covid-19, along with the usual fall that occurs during the fall months, can cause a greater concern for many people.

“The telogen effluvium, which is what happens in both cases, has a maximum approximate duration of three months. After this period, the hair should regain its usual density and strength”, explains the doctor.

According to the specialist, hair follows a cycle in which the growth phase, which lasts several months, is followed by a rest phase. This one repetition of the cycle occurs during the fall, which explains this increased fall.

Stress and hair loss

The Stress it has become one of the main reasons why the number of women who come for consultation has increased compared to previous years, according to the IDEI.

One of the causes of the production of androgens (male hormones) is stress, so in the case of women it means a considerable increase in hair loss, which will later recover when this stress disappears.

“Stress, anxiety and nervous breakdowns of any kind produce, among other responses of our body, this entry into the resting phase, of telogen. We don’t have more stress or anxiety in the fall, but when we have the hair renewal phase and this stress, the fall increases even more,” explains Dr. Sánchez to EFESalud.

How can we prevent hair loss?

The expert recommends a series of guidelines to prevent hair loss:

  • Have one proper hygiene: keep the scalp clean.
  • follow some healthy lifestyle habits: a balanced diet and a healthy and orderly lifestyle.
  • Go to the dermatologist in the presence of abnormal hair loss. Most causes of hair loss are treatable, so the most important thing is diagnosis.
Fall hair fall hair implant
EFE/Manuel Bruque

Is it necessary to go to a specialist?

In cases where you continue to experience abnormal hair loss that does not stop, the expert recommends going to a specialist in hair dermatology to rule out possible abnormalities, such as hormonal problems or a androgenetic alopecia.

Androgenetic alopecia is the type of most common hair lossin both men and women, having a very high genetic component.

According to the dermatologist, even one 75% of the men will suffer from this condition from 30-40 yearsand even in some cases, it will advance into the twenties, during hormonal development.

In the case of womenbetween the 15 and 30% will develop it. It is usually linked to the arrival of menopause, when the amount of estrogen decreases, or hormonal changes. But it also happens in periods when the production of androgens (testosterone) in certain activities, such as high-intensity physical exercise.

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