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There are no doubts. netflix it was the first major streaming service launched in the world. We remember the first time the platform was available in Latin America, with a tiny library full of content seen dozens of times by traditional cable channels. Over the years, the Big N gained its own weight, becoming synonymous with “streaming”. However, the arrival of heavyweight rivals like Disney Plus, Star Plus (in Latin America), Hulu (in the United States), HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV Plus, were blurring their leadership, mainly due to the loss of content that will now pass to their competitors. Why cancel Netflix and which streaming platforms to choose instead?

The number one reason is clearly the price. Because all services have different subscription costs in regions and countries, we take the United States as an example, as a reference, although, compared to Latin America, the values ​​are much higher (measured in dollars).

Although in November 2022, Netflix launched a subscription with advertising, to make it more accessible to the public, the amount of restrictions it has, what makes it unattractive: from the impossibility of downloading content to watch outside line or the limiter of devices that can be played at the same time, up to the absence of search of 10% of the content available on commercial-free plans.

How much does Netflix cost compared to its rivals?

Taking the subscription prices in the United States, which adds up, the plan with advertising, the values ​​are: Basic with audience: US$ 6.99; Basic: US$9.99; Standard: $15.49 and Premium: $19.99.

For which platforms to replace Netflix?

The counterpart to Netflix’s Premium plan is Disney Plus Premium (no advertising), which costs US$10.99, which is almost half of what Netflix costs. And for the same $19.99 that Netflix costs, you can have, for example, Disney Plus, Hulu + ESPN. In other words, three platforms for the price of one.

Without going into the exact details of prices, due to the exchange rate differences, in Latin America, Disney Plus, Star Plus, HBO Max and Paramount Plus can be contracted for the Netflix Premium value. Includes, depending on one-time promotions up to Amazon Prime Video, for a minimal difference.

Why cancel Netflix?

In addition to the price, Netflix already lost the contents of brands that became part of the library of its rivals.

Marvel, Disney, Pixar, 20th Century Studios (Fox), Star Wars (LucasFilm), will be in the hands of Disney Plus. Others from 20th Century Studios, Hulu and ESPN in the hands of Star Plus. From Warner Bros., DC Comics, Cartoon Networks and more, are exclusively on HBO Max. Paramount Pictures’ ones, obviously, on Paramount Plus along with Showtime’s and Nickelodeon’s.

All this without counting the originals produced by each platform. With what is needed, Netflix subscribers lost access to all the series and films of these brands, something that will increase even more, with the termination of previously signed agreements with other distributors.

There are also technical questions, which put Disney Plus or Apple TV Plus above. For example, Apple’s streaming platform has 100% of its original content in 4K. While Netflix has a very limited amount of productions in this resolution.

Now, the best option is to cancel Netflix and replace it with the summation of options like the ones mentioned:

Disney Plus + Star Plus + HBO Max + Prime Video
or Disney Plus + Star Plus + HBO Max + Paramount Plus
or Disney Plus + Star Plus + HBO Max + Apple TV Plus

Or perhaps add a quinta, paying a minimal difference. Just as Nokia was once the mobile giant, another big N, in this case Netflix, seems to have caught up with the evolution and competition posed by other entertainment giants.

And, as if there were no reasons, there are no others to switch to Netflix for at least a year for all these platforms, and then, in any case, go back and analyze what accumulated new content it has to offer.

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