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Why buying loose leaf tea is the right option available

A few months ago, your work was not going as you had planned when you took the position. You felt unmotivated and unloved and decided it was time to do something about it instead of whining and crying, as that accomplishes nothing.

You always liked going it alone and running your own business, so you bit the bullet and opened your own tea shop, deciding to offer something different to the booming coffee shops. The word has spread so that you are now in a position to buy loose leaf tea Wholesale.

You can’t believe how the business has taken off, but you’re delighted. Tea is considered to be the most popular hot drink in Australia, but the number of tea rooms or coffee shops that pay real attention to it compared to the growing number of coffee shops is small in comparison.

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It’s time to spread the word and convert a lot of young people who see coffee shops as cool, trendy and a place to hang out. You’ve already introduced the right music and free Wi-Fi, so offering more options through the wide varieties of loose leaf tea is the next step.

You are happy to deal with a locally sourced company that will provide loose leaf tea in bulk that will be of the highest quality while fitting your budget to provide customers with the best value for money. Naturally, you want to stay ahead of the game, so this is the most important thing for you.

But why choose loose leaf tea?

  • Loose leaf tea is of a higher quality as it is not mass produced like the bagged tea you usually buy at the supermarket. They are mass produced, arriving in sealed boxes and large bags with the small pieces of tea left over from loose leaf tea production. There is no way to examine this tea until you have purchased it and brought it home.
  • Mass-produced tea bags are generally full of tea leaves as they have traveled great distances from different parts of the world, meaning it is less fresh when it arrives. Fresh tea means a newer and different flavor that enhances the experience.
  • It just tastes better. The mass-produced bagged tea has been blended so that each brand tastes the same, meaning there isn’t the difference in taste and aroma between leaf types that loose leaf offers. Offering different flavors is a great way to attract fans to your business, as you’re also providing a form of education, which hopefully will soon catch on and attract even more customers.
  • There is diversity with loose leaf tea, which is not available in the same way in bags. Varieties such as long tea, fruit tea, herbal tea and fermented tea are widely varied to reflect climate, geography and production. Some are best served with milk, while others are best served plain or with a wedge of lemon. The options are endless for everyone to find something to their liking.
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  • Choosing loose leaf tea is better for the environment as it reduces packaging as it comes in a large container. Leftovers from the loose leaf cup can be recycled into the compost pile as advised by the government.
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can contribute to your overall well-being are most prevalent in loose leaf tea.

Loose leaf tea is a great way to offer customers a wide variety of their favorite beverages in a variety of tastes and flavors to help them feel healthy.

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