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Why are digital services companies important?


What is a digital services company?

A digital services company (ESN) is a company that provides IT solutions to businesses. It mobilizes consultants and sends them to companies to meet their needs.

An ESN follows the B2B business model. In other words, their customers are businesses. An ESN offers experience in all services related to the digital field. This includes various and varied professions: consulting, engineering, design, development, maintenance or even training.

Digital services companies have become increasingly popular in recent years as businesses look for ways to modernize and take advantage of new digital technologies. They can help businesses with everything from developing a new website or app to overhauling their existing digital infrastructure.

In many cases, ESNs can offer a full suite of digital services that can help companies not only stay in the game, but lead the way in terms of innovation and digital transformation.

Why and when to call an esn?

Some organizations do not have enough skilled internal resources to carry out large-scale IT projects. Others need deep expertise to respond to specific problems. Some simply do not have the means to recruit profiles that meet a high level of technicality. That is why they choose to outsource their digital projects by calling esn.

ESNs are digital services companies that can support all aspects of your IT infrastructure transformation. Its IT developers, engineers and technicians can provide you with services such as system implementation, website creation, quality control of your IT system, software or network, and more.

In addition, they will provide you with communication solutions, studies of your information system, advice on organization and operation, as well as failure analyzes of your IT structure. With an ESN by your side, you can be sure that your digital transformation project will be a success.

By entrusting your projects to an esn, you will benefit from an efficient and high-performance IT infrastructure. You will also create a personalized digital strategy based on your goals and activities.

The digital services company, or esn, is a company that provides digital services to its customers. They are made up of IT consultants who sell their digital expertise to companies to help them carry out digital projects. In other words, they participate in the digital transformation of their client companies

The digital services business has become increasingly popular in recent years as digitization has invaded many aspects of our lives. With increased nomadism and cybersecurity concerns, the demand for digital services has never been greater

If you are a business looking to digitize your operations, an esn can be a great asset. By working with an esn, you can be sure that your digital projects are in good hands.

ESNs generally charge their customers a fixed price or on a pro rata basis, depending on the type of service provided. For prorated billing, fixed price billing is considered the best option. If the ESN opts for the pro rata temporis method, annual billing seems entirely appropriate.

But if your revenue recognition method is by completion, there is a billing type that works well. It is a proportional billing based on the execution time of a service. This type of billing allows customers to see a direct correlation between the amount billed and the value received for the services provided. As such, it is considered the fairest and most transparent billing method for ESNs.

Digital services business consultants

Board or package?

Most esn work with salaried IT consultants they have hired. Depending on their expertise and specialization, these consultants are sent to clients to carry out assignments, usually with the information systems department. Services are generally performed according to two methods: management or fixed price.

The “placement in management” system allows consultants to be sent from the esn to a client for a period fixed in advance. The client may need to strengthen their team to work on projects. The esn then bills its customer a daily rate (“man’s day” rate).

The choice to work as a “package” is suitable for larger projects, which require working on a global or “turnkey” solution for the client. The esn is committed to the result expected by the client and billing is done based on “deliverables”.

What are the different types of esn?

The esn can be divided into 3 categories, according to the number of consultants within the company:

More than 500 employees, in other words, deal with international missions. This type of esn has centers in several countries;

From 50 to 500 employees, that is, types of esn that are in charge of projects on a national scale. Within their country of establishment, they have several service centers with different offices;

Less than 50 employees, meaning that they target regional companies, but can expand their services nationally.

In which sectors of activity does the esn operate?

The digital services company ESN operates in various sectors in order to cover the multiple needs of its customers.

Its digital transformation services span multiple industries, including telecommunications, IT, banking, finance, manufacturing, media, insurance, agriculture, food, automotive, energy, medical, defense and security, construction and civil engineering, public works, aeronautics, communication and advertising.

A digital services company (ESN) offers its clients a global and holistic view of their digital transformation. It accompanies them in the digital age, providing innovative solutions adapted to their needs. The three main services it offers are IT security, cloud computing and outsourcing and maintenance.

IT security is one of the biggest stressors for business leaders, and yet many are unaware of what would happen in the event of an incident (hacking, fire, etc.) in their structure. The digital services company offers a complete and personalized service, adapted to the specific needs of each client. Thanks to his experience, he is able to put in place an effective intervention plan in the event of an incident, in order to limit the damage and guarantee the continuity of the activity.

Cloud computing is another key area of ​​expertise for digital services companies. Data is strategic and therefore important to businesses. Thus, instead of being stored on hard drives or memories, the cloud makes it available on secure servers accessible on the Internet. The digital services company can advise its customers on the best way to store their data, based on their specific needs. It also manages the security of this data, in order to protect it from potential cyber attacks.

Finally, outsourcing and maintenance are two other services offered by digital service companies. They allow companies to concentrate on their core activities, while leaving the management of their information system to experts. Thanks to its team of qualified technicians, the digital services company is able to manage the operation, optimization and security of a company’s information system, while being external. This comprehensive approach to digital transformation enables businesses to benefit from better performance and greater agility.

With its experts who accompany you in a personalized way throughout your project, from the study to the operation, the digital services company ESN is your essential digital partner.

As digital transformation becomes a priority for businesses across all industries, the role of digital services companies is changing.

While they were once primarily focused on selling and implementing technology solutions, they are now seen as trusted advisors who can help businesses navigate the intricacies of digital transformation.

This evolution is driven by the awareness that digital transformation is not only about technology, but also about people and processes. As such, it requires a holistic approach that takes into account an organization’s unique needs and challenges.

Digital services companies are well-placed to provide this type of assistance, thanks to their deep knowledge of digital technologies and their proven ability to successfully complete complex projects.

By partnering with a digital services company, businesses can access the expertise and resources they need to drive digital transformation.

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