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Why ArangoDB is a good investment

ArangoDB, the multi-model NoSQL database, recently raised $27.8 million in Series B funding. This round was backed by high-profile investors such as Earlybird, A round partner Target Global, and B round investor Summit Action Capital. This investment brings total funding to $47.8M, and shows that ArangoDB is a valuable asset for the future.

Below are the reasons why ArangoDB is worth investing in.

Overview of ArangoDB

ArangoDB is an open-source, distributed database designed for scalability, high availability and flexibility. Created in 2014 by ArangoDB GmbH—a German software startup located in Cologne, Germany—the database has become one of the most popular and trusted databases for managing complex data.

By combining features from NoSQL and SQL databases, ArangoDB provides users access to the best of both worlds. ArangoDB is cleanly suited to intricate data models involving multiple collections and documents, while still offering rich functionalities such as stored procedures in multiple languages (AQL, JavaScript), geo location queries, graph traversals, etc. Its horizontal scalability also means it can be deployed on various architectures such as CPUs with shared memory or clusters with homogeneous systems without additional costs or complicated set-up processes. This makes it ideal for large-scale enterprise deployments.

Recently, ArangoDB raised $27.8M in Series B funding, demonstrating the product’s strength and its growing popularity worldwide. With such strong support from investors and developers worldwide, ArangoDB has quickly established itself as one of the major contenders in open source databases. As such its a great investment for companies looking to build products on top of this versatile database platform.

Summary of Series B funding

ArangoDB, an open source multi-model NoSQL database, has completed a Series B funding round of $27.8 million to accelerate the development and adoption of ArangoDB’s multi-model database. This is a major milestone for the seven-year old startup, as the new funds will enable ArangoDB to scale its operations and expand its offerings.

The Series B was led by Bow Capital, with participation from existing investors Deutsche Invest Equity and Target Global. This latest funding signals growing market demand to manage more complex data using a state-of-the-art multi-model database and reinforces that ArangoDB is providing solutions that meet customer needs across multiple industries and regions.

With the additional resources this new round of funding provides, ArangoDB plans to build on its position as the only provider of a native multi-model database to further accelerate customer adoption and drive product development.

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Benefits of ArangoDB

ArangoDB recently raised $27.8M in Series B Funding, making it a great choice for businesses investing in a modern database solution.

ArangoDB offers many benefits to those willing to switch, from its powerful scalability and flexibility to impressive data performance.

In this article, we’ll look at the various benefits of ArangoDB and why it is an excellent investment for your business.

Flexible data model

ArangoDB is a multi-model database system that allows users to store data in relational tables, documents, graphs, and key-value pairs. This diverse data model enables users to create complex applications on a single platform and increase development speed. In addition, ArangoDB’s intuitive data model allows developers to define structures that match the application domain exactly, which helps reduce redunancy and complexity. This flexibility makes ArangoDB a great choice for any business eager for maximum scalability and future-proofing efficiency.

ArangoDB’s scalability is powered by a distributed storage system, cluster technology and sharding capabilities that enable automatic horizontal scaling through adding more machines or splitting databases. Its horizontal scaling ensures independent performance of the underlying database instances and improved availability for mission critical applications.

The recent $27.8M Series B Funding secured by ArangoDB also drives powerful confidence from industry leaders across multiple layers of the business world – from specialized investors to unparalleled figures like Elton Musk – who believes in this engine’s versatility and scalability thanks to its unique features and capabilities which have made it become one of the fastest growing members of the NoSQL family with over one million downloads worldwide.

High scalability

ArangoDB is highly scalable and is capable of rapidly scaling up or down for different workloads. In addition, it can easily adapt to changes in data size and data type, making it an ideal solution for applications that require large amounts of data or are exposed to frequent spikes in usage. This ability to scale on-demand makes ArangoDB ideal for cloud applications and microservices architectures, allowing for continuous performance as the application grows.

Additionally, ArangoDB enables you to partition data across multiple nodes, ensuring fast access times regardless of the size of your data set.

The increased scalability also ensures high availability across multiple nodes, enabling you to quickly move your workloads without significant disruption. Furthermore, ArangoDB’s security features allow you to keep sensitive information safe while it’s being processed and stored in-memory or on disk. This feature is especially valuable when dealing with sensitive customer or transactional information that must be kept secure over a long period.

With its recent Series B funding round, ArangoDB also recently launched its Enterprise Edition offering, providing a wide range of additional features such as production support and enhanced security capabilities for enterprises operating at large-scale on the platform. This focus on scalability makes ArangoDB an attractive choice for companies looking for high performance from their databases without sacrificing security or cost effectiveness.

Multi-model capabilities

ArangoDB is a distributed, open source native multi-model database that can store documents and graphs. It is especially popular for large scale web applications and enterprise NoSQL applications. It is built to be scalable and fast, with a strong focus on usability.

One key advantage of using ArangoDB is its multi-model capabilities. A multi-model database unifies multiple data models and allows developers to query more than one data set within a single system without needing to write special code for each data model. This flexibility provides developers faster time-to-market opportunities while eliminating the need to maintain separate systems or create complex integrations between multiple products.

In addition, ArangoDB can help improve performance by reducing I/O passes when the same information needs to be retrieved across multiple models. Utilizing a single query language across all data models makes it easy for developers and users to access the information they need quickly. In addition, its distributed computing capabilities allows parallel queries on different parts of the same dataset simultaneously so users can get results faster than if they had to wait for one part of the query to finish before starting the next one.

By investing in multi-model capabilities through ArangoDB, companies benefit from improved scalability, reduced complexity, enhanced query performance and better decision making due to easier access to data from multiple sources–and with $27.8M in Series B Funding recently secured from various investors, there’s no doubt that more organizations believe in ArangoDB’s potential!

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Use Cases

ArangoDB is a great investment due to its versatile range of use cases. It can manage complex transactions, unstructured data, data science and analytics. It also has many applications, including real-time recommendation systems and content discovery.

Let’s dive into the different uses of ArangoDB and explore the possibilities it offers.

Real-time analytics

ArangoDB offers one of the best solutions for companies who need to process data quickly and accurately. Its distributed, multi-model architecture is designed specifically for large companies needing real-time datasets analysis. By collecting data from sources such as web, mobile and cloud applications, companies can quickly process hundreds of terabytes of data in a fraction of the time taken by traditional databases.

ArangoDB supports built-in graph analytics, which helps efficiently capture relationships and correlations between disparate data points. Through graph analytics and AI powered insights, organizations can get immediate answers to their most pressing business questions with greater precision. This makes it an ideal solution for industries like finance and healthcare where timeliness is crucial for making decisions.

With advanced search capabilities driven by natural language processing (NLP), ArangoDB allows users to quickly query both document store databases and graph databases all at once. As a result, organizations have access to unparalleled insight into customer behavior or marketing patterns — a much needed edge over competitor enterprises that lack comprehensive data analysis solutions. By leveraging ArangoDB’s real-time analytics capabilities, businesses can make faster decisions with greater accuracy than ever before — driving higher customer satisfaction rates and growth in revenues.

Graph databases

Graph databases are a potential solution for businesses looking to execute complex queries and draw relationships between data points. A graph database operating like a social network or map helps businesses establish connections quickly and efficiently, allowing them to create smarter solutions.

ArangoDB is an open-source database that supports the graph database model, combining it with two other popular data models: key-value stores and document databases. This flexibility makes ArangoDB more versatile than a pure graph database in handling fast retrieval of related data points while providing robust scalability. In addition, its focus on caching capabilities allows companies to store performance critical applications with absolute confidence and efficiency.

Given its scalability, many companies have considered ArangoDB an ideal choice for large-scale, high-performance use cases. For example, ArangoDB’s expansive platform is well suited for projects involving search engine functionality where near real time results are needed. Additionally, the platform can be used in customer intelligence applications and other applications involving processed customer transactions such as fraud detection or marketing optimization solutions.

With its Series B funding of $27.8M secured in 2021 from investors such as SBI Investment Co., Ltd., Draper Esprit and TVP Group — ArangoDB’s future looks encouraging and the company looks set to solidify its position in the market with new solutions being released early this year; 2021 promises to be an exciting period for ArangoDB customers especially those leveraging such technology for their enterprise needs!

IoT applications

ArangoDB is an ideal technology for data-driven Internet of Things (IoT) applications. IoT applications require the ability to store, manage, query and integrate large amounts of diverse data from multiple sources, including devices, users and other services. This makes ArangoDB a natural choice as its multi-model approach allows developers to abstract away the underlying database structure by using a universal interface.

Developers can quickly model complex IoT scenarios using built-in graph capabilities with many-to-many relationships between different components and systems. In addition, complex properties such as hierarchies and networks are modeled similarly to any other property. This makes creating integrated analytics on aggregated data easier than ever before.

With its powerful query language, AQL (Arango Query Language) developers can easily uncover new insights from their IoT data, even when dealing with high volumes of data from many different sources. This makes it possible to develop powerful risk management and real-time problem-solving solutions that can be used in various settings: industrial production, smart cities, vehicular networks or home automation systems.

The recently announced Series B funding round for ArangoDB will mean more investments into improving their existing products and exploring new use cases for the technology in challenging domains such as IoT or machine learning (ML). As part of this round the company is also investing heavily into software engineering tools which will allow developers to become more proficient while working with distributed databases like ArangoDB – adding further fuel to its expanding list of successful use cases within this field.

ArangoDB Raises $27.8M in Series B Funding

ArangoDB, a leading open source database provider, has recently raised $27.8M in series B funding. This is great news for investors looking to invest in their next big venture.

This funding round allows ArangoDB to expand their services and reach a larger customer base. With this funding, ArangoDB can focus on improving their database service, innovating new features, and building their team.

Let’s take a closer look at why ArangoDB is a good investment.

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As ArangoDB embarks on its Series B funding round, investors can back a company-building with a strong executive team that has experience bringing open source products to market. In addition, the ArangoDB management team holds successful leadership roles across the software and open source industries, bolstering confidence in the organization’s ability to produce results.

Branden Eichnor, CEO of ArangoDB, has 10 years of industry experience at companies including Mozilla, where he held senior management roles. Most notably, Eichnor served as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Research at Mozilla from 2008 to 2009. He also consulted for well-known startups such as Twitter and Uber Technologies Inc. He has more than 15 years of technology experience from large corporations to startups and his expertise centers around large deployments in distributed system architectures.

Rahul Pathak is the CTO for ArangoDB and serves on the company’s board of directors providing internal support for technical initiatives. Pathak brings extensive industry knowledge built in over 6+ years leading engineering teams building consumer products frontend architecture in financial research/ analytics field, machine learning applications primarily using Big Data stacks with Apache Spark or as part of Apollo & Tesla Autopilot projects leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) & deep learning technologies through light-weight architectures developed with JavaScript stacks & serverless services like AWS Lambda under NodeJS environment combined advantages of serverless world & enterprise grade technologies used by top players like LinkedIn & Netflix while supporting production requirements around commitment latencies & resiliency along with data scalability solutions using wide range of modern technologies including NoSQL stores datasets combined ML inference pipelines optimisation possibilities enabled by GraphQL graph data processing features.

Matthew Vonnegut is Chief Revenue Officer responsible for business development strategy acceleration offering direct membership sales opportunities uncovering regional market share opportunities within overseas markets leveraging rapid-growth product bundles hitting high profiles/liquid customer portfolio clusters .

Vonnegut brings a wealth of business savvy built over fifteen plus years working at notable technology organizations such as Oracle Corporation and Google where he specialized in enterprise solutions sales teams covering mobile application adoption onboarding regulations management consulting cyber security strategic accounts custom digital goals implementation programs reaching out into many verticals from automotive aerospace retail energy insurances .

Use of Funds

ArangoDB recently announced its successful Series B funding round, raising $27.8 million from various venture capital investors. This new round of capital will accelerate the company’s efforts to expand into new markets, increase research and development (R&D) activities and strengthen the business’ infrastructure.

The investment will also provide ArangoDB with the additional resources necessary to expand the tooling surrounding its core product, a native multi-model database that combines graphs, documents and key-value pair models. In addition, to help bolster customer relations, ArangoDB has also stated it plans to further invest in support teams which will assist customers with their use of the platform.

ArangoDB also expects to apply funds towards meaningful marketing initiatives such as strategic events, industry partnerships and global media campaigns to extend recognition of its technology-driven capabilities and further up its competitive positioning in the market.

Finally, funding is expected to unleash a major hiring spree from ArangoDB to see through all stated goals set by management for the next 18 months; consequently creating more jobs within their local communities worldwide.

Impact on the ArangoDB Ecosystem

The recent Series B funding announcement from ArangoDB has generated great interest and excitement throughout the ArangoDB community. The infusion of capital indicates a sign of growth and sustainability for this popular open-source project and signals investment in improving and expanding the ArangoDB ecosystem.

ArangoDB’s Series B funding aims to attract talent, allow for experimentation and innovation, develop new features and products, create additional revenue sources for the project, invest in marketing and support efforts, and explore new opportunities. All of these changes can have a considerable impact on the ArangoDB ecosystem and ultimately define its future success.

For instance, additional investments can create unique user advantages by helping attract top talent that can bring vision to new product development that could transform how businesses use ArangoDB. Furthermore, with more resources, there will be greater focus on fostering an international user base with improved marketing campaigns to reach beyond existing markets.

Lastly, the influx of capital into ArangoDB allows the project to provide more comprehensive support services that reduce technical losses associated with database migrations or complex operational tasks.

To sum up, many benefits come with this recent series B funding for ArangoDB. It will fuel innovation within the open-source database community and provide tangible support for users looking to unlock value from their database investments.


In conclusion, the $27.8 million Series B funding for ArangoDB is an excellent investment opportunity for any investor interested in the state of modern database solutions. The company’s focus on multi-model solutions and its progressive approach to harnessing the power of GraphQL and JSON makes it a valuable asset in the ever-evolving world of data storage and management.

As ArangoDB continues to expand its offering and provide new tools to tackle ever-increasing data needs, its value to investors will surely rise.

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