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With more and more streaming platforms, the pockets of subscribers have to privilege in many cases with the service that will stay. Sometimes, it is possible to have several accounts, but when you have to choose just one, which one should you keep? Here we compare Netflix vs Disney Plus.

Netflix versus Disney Plus in content

No siempre más quiere decir that it is better. The truth is that according to the portal What’s on Netflix, Netflix has more than 6000 TV shows and movies streaming in the United States. Without embargo, this catalog, far from growing as one might suppose, achieved more and more, since the contents of licensed third parties disappeared as the agreements that the giant of the N had ended. For example, already the he lost. from Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, Pixar and 20th Century Studios (which will move to Disney Plus, Hulu and/or Star Plus), or much of Warner Bros. and DC (which are on HBO Max), many from Paramount (which are sold on Paramount Plus) or those from MGM (which bought Amazon Prime).

In this way, except for some specific agreements, Netflix has less and less third-party content and it is necessary to strengthen its catalog of originals, which have a high production cost.

Unlike other giants, such as HBO Max, Apple TV Plus or Disney Plus, Netflix’s income depends exclusively on its subscribers. While those of other streaming services are more varied. The clearest example is the Apple TV Plus, which has all the money available from multimillion-dollar sales of iPhones, iPads, Macs and services from the apple company.

The Netflix originals can turn out to be products for the forgotten, or award-winning and successful proposals such as the films Rome and The Irishman, or the series Stranger Things and The Crown.

Meanwhile, according to Statista, Disney Plus has more than 2,000 shows and movies, covering every brand you name Disney: Star Wars, Marvel, The Simpsons, Pixar, National Geographic, and more. Outside the United States, Disney Plus also offers more content for adults from studios such as 20th Century Studios, ABC and Searchlight Pictures, which – depending on the market – can be seen on Disney Plus (as in Spain) or Star Plus (in Latin America ). ).

Its original productions are growing every day, in addition to having a catalog of iconic films and series, so it is almost impossible not to be subscribed to Disney Plus and, in Latin America, to Combo Plus, along with Disney Plus.

Netflix versus Disney Plus: which one to choose for content, prices and quality?

Transmission quality

Netflix’s basic plan only streams in SD (480p). This means that the image quality will look noticeably poor when upscaled on large screens like TVs.

On Disney Plus, everything is streamed in HD (720p) at minimum. Much of the content is streamed in Full HD (1080p), while some goes up to 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels).

Simply put, Disney Plus will look sharper and sound better than Netflix.


On a pure cost level, Disney Plus has one of the cheapest subscription prices on the market, especially in Latin America, where the difference to Netflix is ​​overwhelming. It’s also more flexible, allowing multiple people to watch simultaneously and in high resolution.

In the Netflix vs. Disney Plus battle there are many factors to consider. Obviously the content is one of them, but so is the price, the transmission quality, the flexibility and offers that together on Star Plus, allow you to have live sports with ESPNthe only platform that offers this option in Latin America.

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