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Where to put your money? – ABC money

Different sectors and different means bring benefits and guarantee the growth of your capital in the long or medium term. This year, certain sectors are favored and thus give investors a lot of hope, a positive return on their initial investment. What are the current ones? investment opportunities ? Which investment is right for you?

Stock markets and shares

Stocks are one better investments. In fact, the choice of good companies is the pillar of this investment. You can earn profit in this type of investment in long or short term. Attractive and promising stocks are currently available to you.

Stock market investing is a restricted circle of traders and insiders. Even if you are not specially trained, you can invest. There are many envelopes available for you to place your investments in like PEA, PEA-PME, Securities Account and Life Insurance. You can start your investment from a few hundred euros. The goal is to bet on the long term.

bank books

Bank books are savings books offered by banks. By opting for these prospectuses which are risk-free investments, your capital increases gradually. There are two types of booklet: the A booklet is the most used in France. It requires you to save at least 10% of your monthly income. You will see that in a year your investment is profitable. The PLE or Housing Savings Plan, on the other hand, allows you to invest capital, the purpose of which is to buy housing or finance works.

SCPI investment

Investing your capital in real estate investment companies is also one of them the best investments this year. These SCPIs invest in rental properties (offices, commercial premises, homes, etc.). You will receive income based on units purchased. With this type of real estate investment, a return of approximately 5% is estimated in a year.

Life insurance

Life insurance is good placement that suits your needs. Not only you, it can be used to finance your projects, but it can also be used to provide additional income for retirement or to prepare your estate. If you have cash, consider investing in life insurance. You can finance it with a scheduled payment or a one-time payment.

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