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As part of its original productions, the new series Ringo en Star Plusrecounts, in a thriller tone, the rise, the glory of success and the decline of the Argentine boxing champion Oscar “Ringo” Bonavena.

The series, which has a total of eight episodes, is based on real events and, in two parallel timelines, covers the last three months of the boxer’s life and the hits of Ringo’s life in chronological order, while revealing the hidden plot behind his murder.

Oscar “Ringo” Bonavena was one of the most prominent boxers in the “heavyweight” category in Argentina and a tough rival of giants of international pugilism such as Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazer.

Ringo holds the revenue record at the Luna Park stadium in Buenos Aires and one of the highest ratings in the history of Argentine television. He was also one of the main entertainers of the night in Buenos Aires, a real showman, the protagonist of the stories that fueled not only the pages of sports supplements but also those of entertainment magazines.

With a strong and determined personality, Dora is a woman with convictions who fights to have a significant place at Ringo’s side. She is his great adviser and supporter, but Ringo’s fame and sports career cause their relationship to fail. They part as a marriage, but never as friends and lovers. Their bond continues until the last day of Ringo’s life.

Joe is a Sicilian sold in North America who achieved the “American dream”. He owns the Mustang Ranch brothel and Ringo’s manager during his stay in Reno, Nevada. He built his fortune running a brothel and is a staunch defender of legal prostitution. He doesn’t know anything about boxing, but he knows about business and that’s why he’ll try to make money with Ringo by opening the first boxing center in Reno. Ringo ends up becoming his worst nightmare because of the bond he establishes with Sally Conforte, his wife, and for meddling in the Mustang business.

Who are part of the cast of the Ringo series?

The Star Plus exclusive series stars Jerónimo Giocondo Bosia (Oscar “Ringo” Bonavena), Delfina Chaves (Dora Raffa de Bonavena), Lucila Gandolfo (Sally Conforte), Thomas Grube (Joe Conforte), Connie Isla (Tracy), Pablo Rago (Bautista Rago), María Onetto (Doña Dominga), Ariel Nuñez (Ross Brymer), Martín Slipak (Vicente Bonavena), Renato Quattordio (Pedro, friend of Ringo) and Andrés Ciavaglia (Enrique Suárez).

Ringo is available for watch on Star Plus since March 24.

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