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When to go to the emergency room because of a stroke? And Shaio

Traumas are minor or serious injuries that a person suffers in organs, tissues or joints generated by blows with some object. They can be caused by multiple reasons such as domestic or traffic, occupational, sports or other accidents, which happens very often and is one of the most common reasons for visiting the emergency department.

It is important to highlight that in terms of trauma, a blow to the head or stomach is not the same as a fracture, since each has its own characteristics and manifestations, which is why they are classified as:

  • Trauma in soft parts: bruises and hematomas

  • Joint trauma: sprains or dislocations

  • Bone trauma or fractures: in limbs, head, face and spine

What happens to the body when there is a stroke?

A chain reaction is automatically set off in the body, inflammatory cells, endorphins, antibodies and other defense mechanisms are released into the bloodstream to help counteract the trauma, and depending on where the blow was received can vary the symptoms, but in general they can be evidenced:

  • Pains and discomfort

  • Inflammation in the tissue

  • Heat, redness or bruising

  • Limitations or difficulty in movement

  • Sprains, dislocations or fractures of the shin

  • Bleeding from cuts

  • Loss of consciousness, confusion or disorientation in case of blows to the head

  • Dizziness, nausea or vomiting

How to deal with a stroke

Most strokes have a healing process, and depending on the trauma will require specific care, but in general it can be treated with:

  • Medicines or oral or topical pain relievers to relieve pain

  • Apply ice or cold water compresses

  • Repose

  • If necessary immobilize the area

If after the blow the pain persists or stronger symptoms appear, do not hesitate to visit the doctor, the blow may have affected more than you think.

When should you go to the emergency room?

It is important to emphasize that not all knocks are a reason to go to the emergency room, so you need to be aware of the warning signs, if there is something that worries you or feels that it is not working well.

To diagnose whether a trauma requires attention, it is necessary to question, observe and do a physical examination by the doctor, this to rule out if there is bleeding, damage to nerves, muscles, bones or damage to vital organs. Tests such as x-rays, TACS, labs and others may also be performed.

That is why in these situations, it is very likely that you require specialist care:

  • When there are falls that compromise vital parts of the body such as the head or face.

  • When there is some type of accident that compromises the person’s functionality, such as accidents at work, traffic, sports or assaults.

  • In case of blows to the head, if there is alteration in the state of consciousness, constant episodes of vomiting, very strong headaches, disorientation or episodes of amnesia.

  • In the case of limbs such as arms or legs, if there is immobilization, joint deformity, inflammation, very large bruises or fractures.

Remember that a sudden situation that puts the life or physical integrity of the person at risk is considered urgent, otherwise it can be attended to in a medical or priority appointment.

This article had the advice of Dr. Blankin Pacheco, a doctor in the Emergency Department of the Shaio Clinic.

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