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This September 21, the new series of the Star Wars universe debuted on Disney Plus with three simultaneous episodes, with a total of 12 episodes. When does chapter 4 of Andor premiere in Disney Plus?

There is no doubt that what was seen in the first three episodes reflected a mega-production, very difficult to achieve on streaming platforms: the cinematography, the special effects, the handling of the cameras, the times of the scenes, the drama necessary and the action always sought in a Star Wars title. Nothing wrong with that.

Undoubtedly, maintaining the suspense during the 12 episodes will not be easy, but it seems that Disney learned from the success of The Mandalorian and other rather less fortunate proposals.

When does chapter 4 of Andor premiere on Disney Plus

Starring Diego Luna, Genevieve O’Reilly and Alex Ferns, Andor has everything to become a new favorite to watch Disney Plus. It is no coincidence that the series has already had a second season confirmed, before the first one is released.

In the first three episodes we saw the character of Cassian Andor looking for his sister, and being chased by the death of a thug who wanted to assault. In the middle, flashbacks from his childhood that give more weight to his story. Perhaps, it would have been interesting to do something similar with Obi-Wan Kenobi or with so many other historical names from Star Wars. But here, the story, set five years before Rogue One, seems to work.

How much does Andor chapter 4 premiere on Disney Plus?

After the debut of the series with three simultaneous episodes, Disney Plus will return to the format of a new installment per week, every Wednesday. In this way, chapter 4 of Andor premieres on Wednesday, September 28, with the last episode scheduled for November 23. (You can see the training list for each chapter here).

Undoubtedly, a great month for subscribe to Disney Pluswith its Disney Plus Day, the premieres of productions such as Thor 4: Love and Thunder, Pinocho, Cars on The Road, the BBS recital, more episodes of She-Hulk, documentaries, and now the crown of Andor.

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