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What to consider when choosing the right pizza box

Pizza is one of the most favorite dishes in the world. Setting up your first pizzeria can be daunting. You know how to make award-winning pizza, but running the business is another skill: branding, operations, hiring and more. Every decision affects the company’s profits.

Delivery to the pizza business is one of the most important decisions. A great pizza is only great when it’s fresh, hot and intact upon delivery. Choosing the right box is essential. Appearance, size and construction are key.

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Appearance is key. The quality of the box will be your customer’s first impression of the quality of the restaurant. You want to make sure your box represents your brand. Don’t forget to personalize the box with your logo and tagline. Branding will be important. It will serve as one of your most visible marketing assets. A branded pizza box will be a great way to get your name out there.

What size box?

The size and construction of the box is important to avoid slipping, spilling and even crushing during delivery. At the same time, your customers need to find pizza within easy reach. In general, the box should be about two inches larger than your pizza. For example, if you have a 14-inch pizza, you’ll need a 16-inch box.

Since different brands offer different sizes of pizza, box printing and manufacturing companies maintain varying size options from 10 to 18 inches or more. For example, Pizza Hut small pizzas are usually 12×12 inches. So they use 14×14 inch boxes. If you have a square pizza, you need to really think about how easy it is for customers to access their pizza.

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Another reason for the extra box space is that the pizza comes straight from the oven to the box for the kitchen staff to cut. The long blade of the slicer needs room to move to the end of the bark. Otherwise, the corners of the box may be damaged due to inadequate space around them.

In some cases, you may have other small packages to add to the box, such as ketchup packets, chili packets, peppers, dipping sauce, etc.

A large box can handle extra items well, making it easier for delivery staff and your customers to transport.

Why not all boxes are created equal

When ordering custom pizza boxes, you’ll need to add several entries to make the boxes perfect for your brand. You know what to do with the size. The material is also not a big problem because everyone knows that cardboard is the best. However, designing your box can be a challenge if you lack creativity and imagination. Before you think about anything else, you need to know that people’s perceptions about any form of product during the first 90 seconds of their interaction. During this time, they spend almost 60-90% of their time on color evaluation.

Colors are important

More precisely, colors play an essential role in packaging as they can evoke different emotions.

Customers make up their minds about anything based on this aspect alone. If you have noticed, most restaurants, pizzerias or other similar businesses include red in their packaging. Are you wondering why? Red can excite, stimulate, etc. It also has to do with appetite, action and more.

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When you understand this aspect, it will seem obvious why Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and most others use this specific color scheme on their boxes in one way or another.

Box design

Also, the design of the box you choose should be consistent. It will have a higher recall value among customers, giving you an edge. Choose a beautiful and relevant logo and incorporate it in the right place for maximum impact. In this context, one more thing worth repeating is the size. When customers judge your packaging, they also evaluate the amount of space around the pizza inside the box. They like it when the box allows them to access their slice of pizza effortlessly. It adds to their perception of your brand. At the same time, they will remember whether the package was easy to open and store. The safety of the food inside the box will also be important.

One of the renowned studies reveals that 55% of customers decide to use a product after seeing its packaging and ease of use. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid risks in this area. Most pizzerias or local stores pay little attention to box selection. They look at it only from the delivery aspect. Your pizza boxes also speak volumes about your brand’s personality. That’s why you need to analyze the selection of boxes from different angles, be it size, logo, color and other elements of printing and finishing. If you get them right, you may not have to spend as much to advertise your brand. So, are you sure about your pizza box design now?

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