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What tax situation to adopt for auxiliary and one-off activities?

There are a multitude of good plans to get you through the end of the month. In fiscal matters, however, certain procedures must be followed. Whether it’s temporary work or a service you offer, you need to have a legal status so you don’t have to worry. By enjoying this status, you can benefit from several benefits. You are protected by law, but you also benefit from a reduced tax regime.

Occasional or accidental missions

Many people decide to let go of the traditional “employer-employee” relationship to become independent. It could be A timely missionthat is to say limited in time and purpose or an auxiliary mission, that is to say, a mission that carries out more than one other activity.

The self-employed status is governed, however, by certain laws, the aim is that the service contract is framed and respected. In order not to find yourself in a situation of domination or exploitation, you must choose the appropriate legal status.

Who cares?

When there is an activity and it generates profits, there are necessarily taxes. Regarding the extra-contractual activity orsecondary activity, this law also applies. Freelancers, freelancers, self-employed and other service providers are subject to a tax liability and are required to comply with a certain status.

According to the texts and laws in force, all individual professionals are subject to tax and are subject to the payment of Social Security contributions and other taxes like any other worker. The counterpart is the legal protection of the self-employed and the guarantee of respect for their rights.

Statutes for specific and incidental missions

micro company

For her specific activities, you can choose microphone or auto status. If your turnover as a self-employed entrepreneur and small service provider does not reach the threshold of €34,400, you are the beneficiary of the VAT-based Franchise, which means that you are not subject to VAT.

Individual business

It is also possible to opt for the status of individual company (EI) for incidental activities. Keep in mind, however, that setting up a micro business is much simpler compared to a sole proprietorship. The individual entrepreneur must be subject to the VAT regime, unless his turnover does not exceed the mentioned threshold.

Sole proprietorship limited liability company

The url may also be suitable for yours non-permanent assignments, although few entrepreneurs choose it. This state will suit you if you want to create a single partner LLC. You are subject to the income tax regime if the sole partner is an individual, or to the corporate tax regime if the partner is a legal entity.

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