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Cousin Faith is a character in the classic American comedy-drama film, ‘The Family Stone’. Released in 2005, the film follows the family of Everett Stone (played by Dermot Mulroney) as he brings his girlfriend, Meredith (Sarah Jessica Parker), home for Christmas. Complications arise when the conservative guest clashes with his unconventional and rebellious relatives. Cousin Faith is played by Rachel McAdams and is one of Everett’s five siblings. She’s quirky, lovable, and full of life, which makes her a great source of comic relief in the film. In addition to creating many comedic situations and moments, it also provides Meredith with valuable advice that helps her fit into the family dynamic while still being her true self.

Summary of the film

Cousin Faith is a film about the life of Faith Newman, a college student who moves to a small town in upstate New York hoping to find a new beginning. Along the way, he meets a diverse cast of characters, including his cousin, and learns about life, love, and friendship. The film follows Faith as she navigates her new journey, making new friends and learning more about herself and her surroundings.

The plot

What movie is Cousin Faith from? is a 2007 drama/comedy that follows Belinda, a young woman in her twenties living in Echo Bay, Washington. After the unexpected death of her father, Belinda finds solace in the form of the new family that has returned to her life.

Belinda meets her cousin, Faith, while making arrangements for her father’s funeral. Although Belinda was previously unaware of Faith’s existence, it becomes clear that they had known each other as children and developed a special bond. As time passes, Faith reveals that she is a Christian Scientist who does not believe in doctors or medicine and has been living on the streets of America for the past two years.

It is with Belinda’s help that Faith is finally able to find some much-needed stability. The two bond during their journey and are able to help each other see their respective flaws without giving up on love and friendship. In order to help her and Faith find peace with their past experiences of rejection by family members, Belinda decides to organize a reunion for all her long-lost relatives in Echo Bay.

Finally reunited with the family that had long been out of reach, Belinda can be sure that everyone will get what they have always wanted: love and understanding, no matter how far it may seem at times. What movie is Cousin Faith from? is an uplifting film about understanding ourselves, letting go of past failures, and opening up to family when it matters most.


The film “Cousin Faith” follows the story of two teenage cousins ​​living in rural North Carolina and their different perspectives on faith. Faith is a strong believer, while Cassandra struggles to make sense of her spirituality amid peer pressure and self-doubt.

The film features a cast headed by Margaret Dennis as Faith and her cousin Cassandra, played by April Mathis. The cast also includes Rachael Canto as Arianna, an entertainer who befriends Cassandra; Tom Proctor as Pastor Newman; Isiah Shields as Gordon the Neighbor; Willard Owens as Reverend Bishop Brent; Collin Blevins Jr. as Jeremy, Faith’s brother; and Meredith Hood as Grace, the church’s youth director.

In addition to exploring the different struggles each character faces, “Cousin Faith” finds moments of light within a moving story that conveys faith’s ability to transform lives.


The movie “Cousin Faith” is a dark comedy set in rural Wisconsin. The film follows the story of two cousins, Faith and Jack, who are united by a family tragedy. As they reconnect, they deal with their own personal issues and the struggles of being in an unknown and unfamiliar place. The film also touches on themes of identity, family and acceptance. In this article, we will explore the film’s deeper themes, as well as the importance of family and acceptance in the characters’ lives.


The film “Cousin Faith” explores a variety of themes, from religion to family dynamics, and from violence to friendship. On a superficial level, it follows the struggles of a family in crisis. Faith, the protagonist of the story, is forced to make difficult decisions to protect her family.

On a deeper level, “Cousin Faith” touches on religious themes such as faith in a higher power and redemption through faith. It also delves into issues related to the nature of family bonds and relationships; Faith must choose between loyalty to her cousin and loyalty to her own convictions. Additionally, there are strong moments of violence throughout the film that serve as a reminder that life can be unpredictable and sometimes overwhelming.

Finally, “Cousin Faith” shows an inspiring friendship between two characters who come together despite their very different backgrounds. This provides an important lesson that people should not judge each other based on assumptions or biases they may have. Instead, they should look for common ground so that they can build something strong even from seemingly disparate parts.


The movie “Cousin Faith” has a unique symbolism that can be appreciated. In an interview with the director, he said that the film is a metaphor for letting go of fear and living in freedom. The film follows Faith and her family through their struggles with addiction and loss, and ultimately coming to terms with their circumstances, embracing a sense of freedom through love and support.

The symbolism of birds throughout the film is very powerful. They are free to soar above everything, not afraid or concerned about what lies below. This symbolizes the ability to rise above one’s circumstances and take control of one’s destiny rather than allowing events to control them.

Also, colors are used in various parts of the film as a way to express emotions without words. For example, colorful images appear when Faith is hopeful about life; however, darker colors dominate when he is struggling with his circumstances or decisions he has to make.

Finally, music plays a fundamental role in emphasizing the emotions felt by the characters and also in highlighting the key points of certain scenes. Music helps create an atmosphere that allows viewers to better understand why characters feel certain ways and helps show why they make certain decisions throughout the film.


Overall, the movie “Cousin Faith” is a light-hearted romantic comedy that explores the ups and downs of family relationships. Through his sensitive yet humorous lens, he touches on themes of understanding, forgiveness and the complexities of extended family systems. It features a cast that includes Julie Walters, Imelda Staunton, Roger Allam and Steven Mackintosh, who bring performances of humor and pathos to this charming story. Whether you’re a fan of romantic comedies or want to understand more about your own relationships with extended family members, Cousin Faith is worth a watch.

Additional resources

If you are looking for more resources on what movie Cousin Faith is from, there are several websites, books, and movies that can provide you with information.

The best place to start when trying to identify the movie is IMDb, the Internet Movie Database. This invaluable site contains summary information about old and new movies. Searching for “movie Cousin Faith” will bring up a list of movies with possible connections to this character.

Other useful sources include our closest companion: television and bookstores. Viewers can watch movies related to Cousin Faith by browsing the collector’s markets. These stores usually have shelves full of classic movies as well as newer releases. Likewise, people can search online bookstores like Amazon or Barnes & Noble for more details about our beloved Cousin Faith fictional lifestyle characters over the years.

Look no further than popular blogs and other dedicated websites to bring you even more Cousin Faith movie release date information! For those interested in specific cast members, research the individual actors and actresses who bring these stories to life on the big screen! These websites contain details about their own personal careers as well as interviews conducted with them in order to gain an even better insight into their fictional roles over time!

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