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What is the medical abbreviation for before breakfast? |

The medical abbreviation for before breakfast is “ac,” which means “ante cibum,” a Latin phrase that translates as “before eating.” Other abbreviations used to indicate the time of administration of the medication include acn (ante cibum nocturna, before dinner), pc (post cibum, after meals), pcn (post cibum nocturna, after dinner) and hs (sleep hours, at bedtime). ). It is important to understand these abbreviations and the timing of the various medications in order to provide appropriate and effective treatment.

Definition of medical abbreviation

The medical abbreviation for before breakfast is “ac”. Ac means ante cibum which translates from Latin to English as “before meals”. This abbreviation indicates to health professionals that medicines should be taken before eating in the morning, which corresponds to the medical term ac and breakfast.

Another common medical abbreviation is “pc”, which stands for post cibum, which means after meals. It is important to pay attention to the instructions for taking the medication, whether before or after breakfast, to ensure that you take it at the right time of day and do not miss a dose.

In some cases, doses may also be modified based on when they are taken, such as having a different number if taken before or after a meal. So whether you’re taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, it’s best to understand the instructions for when to take them to get the most benefit.

The medical abbreviation for Before Breakfast

For medical professionals, it can be essential to understand and remember many medical abbreviations. One of the most common abbreviations is the abbreviation of the phrase “before breakfast”. This abbreviation is widely used by medical professionals and should be understood by anyone who interacts with the medical field. Let’s take a look at the medical abbreviation before breakfast.


The medical abbreviation for before breakfast is BB, which means “before breakfast.” This abbreviation is commonly used when taking medication or writing a prescription to indicate that the medication should be taken before a person’s meal. When written on a prescription, it will usually be accompanied by other abbreviations (such as AC and HS) that refer to other times of the day when the medication should be taken. Taking medications at specific intervals can help ensure they are taken as prescribed, allowing them to work optimally and help a person stay healthy.


BB is a medical abbreviation for “before breakfast” and is used to describe the timing of medications or other treatments in relation to when the patient eats breakfast. It is usually used to clarify when a medicine should be taken before breakfast, usually in the morning, but not always; it could also be before a meal in the afternoon or evening if that fits the patient’s schedule. Many people use BB as a shorthand way of conveying this information, as it’s faster than typing “before breakfast” every time they need to communicate.


The medical abbreviation BID stands for “twice a day.” The sentence is usually written in lowercase, with a colon between the two letters. This indicates that a patient should take a medication twice in a day, usually with 12 hours between doses.

Often used to specify when medication should be taken, such as “BID before breakfast” or “BID after dinner”; this helps patients remember to take their medication at these times or tell their healthcare provider what time of day they are taking a particular medication if asked at an appointment.

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