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What is a professional plate for a psychologist?

For a professional psychologist, the best way to make yourself known is to place a professional plaque outside or at the entrance of your practice.

To record the text and personalize this plate, the psychologist must respect the standards and norms.

In the lines that follow, discover everything you need to know about professional plates for psychologists.

How to order a professional outdoor plate?

If you want to install a professional plaque for a psychologist outside your office, you must first know that there are many models adapted to each type of psychologist profession.

There is a widely used signage product on the market: these plates each have their own price and you can engrave any text on them. Also, the plate material varies according to your needs and preferences.

Among the available options that have different prices, you can choose: a Plexiglas plate, an aluminum plate, a brass plate and a PVC plate.

To order your professional psychologist nameplate, try to find a supplier that offers free shipping while also offering a good value for money product. You can even ask the professionals to customize the plate to your liking and according to the layout of the text.

Professional license for psychologist

What is the right professional psychologist badge material for your practice?

When choosing your material, you need to consider the location of your practice. Because the material of the plate must correspond to the characteristics of the latter. So, to find out the right professional plate material, ask the following questions:

  • Will the nameplate be weatherproof?
  • Do you prefer an engraved, colored or printed plate?
  • Would you like to put your logo on it?
  • Would you like to have durable professional plates?
  • etc

Based on the answers to these questions, the board vendor can offer you the best material. In general, these are: brass, aluminum, plexiglass, pvc, etc.

The advantage of each material

From experience, if you want to express modernity, a professional Plexiglas plate is recommended. It is also an option that offers good value for money.

If you want to engrave your name on a psychologist plaque ideal for outdoor use, a brass plaque is ideal. For good reason, the latter designates a noble metal that shows a very bright color. In fact, the brass color causes a mirror effect on the psychologist plate.

If you don’t like to do too much maintenance, opt for a professional aluminum psychologist plate.

Unlike brass which requires a special cleaning product, an aluminum plate stays shiny without maintenance. To have a flexible board that can be used both indoors and outdoors, pvc is recommended.

Now you know how to choose the professional plates for psychologists adapted to your practice. The price depends on your choice and takes into account the location. Plus, enjoy free badge delivery from select psychologist badge providers.

If you buy a large quantity of plate, you will definitely get a reduction in the unit price of each product.

The primary function of the professional plate is to publicize the presence of the local practice or health professional, be it psychologist, doctor, dentist, dermatologist or other. The wall plaque should clearly state your title and skills and, if applicable, your practice direction. It is often placed at the entrance of a building or on the door for informational purposes and not for advertising or promotional purposes.

In addition to the design material and its quality, the format, content and style of the prints must be chosen carefully. Even if there are no defined rules regarding the information or placement and location of the plaque itself, it is better not to deviate from the standards, but to make some customizations to stand out. So how to personalize this signage?


The production of a professional license plate for dentists differs from that of a license plate for psychologists. For the first, we can mention the quality, specialty, diplomas, titles and recognized functions in addition to surnames and first names and perhaps contact details and consultation hours. Read this article to know more. For the second, it is mandatory to use the correct title, surname and first names. The psychologist has the possibility to record their diplomas, degrees and qualifications in order to guarantee their seriousness, but also the timetables and coordinates.

NB : In some cases, urban planning or condominium rules (in the case of buildings or collective buildings) apply to the personalization of the plates (material, color, etc.). Therefore, it is necessary to consult beforehand.

The format

The professional plate format for all medical professions is usually 30 x 20 cm. It is a standard dimension, quite reasonable for a plate for a psychologist, dental surgeon, sophrologist, etc. Patients, passers-by and motorists can easily detect it. However, you can very well opt for a 40 x 30 cm stand to maximize visibility or place additional useful information. Or, place a second, smaller sign to indicate consultation days and times, phone or other.

If you need a specific recommendation, the plexiglass plate is a qualitative and aesthetic support on which we can afford everything in terms of printing. It is also very resistant. Feel free to display your logo and contact details to really personalize the business and assert your visual identity.

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