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What is a heritage report?

THE asset balance it is the inventory of the patrimony and the family, economic and fiscal situation of a natural person. It is used to help an investor multiply his assets according to his objectives and to measure his sensitivity to risk.

The perfect time to take stock

The asset evaluation can be done directly by the investor himself or with the advice of a professional such as a banker or asset management advisor. SO What is a balance sheet for? ? It is important to make a good decision about future investments.

Wealth assessment is recommended for people between the ages of 40 and 45, who are mid-career. It should also be redone on the eve of retirement to optimize the choice of management and pension tools or to plan the transfer of assets. Some people also do this analysis during an important time in their life such as marriage, divorce or the outcome of a life insurance contract.

The completion of a balance sheet

The degree of difficulty of a property assessment can be different from one situation to another. How take stock ? Know first that it involves making a balance between the investor’s equity and what he owes. The result obtained then defines what it has. Assets are all assets such as real estate, financial assets and professional assets.

After assets, the balance sheet determines the investor’s ability to save by adding income from work, rental income and removing taxes and other charges. It is also important to check its patrimonial composition. It consists of determining whether your goals are in line with your family and fiscal situation. In the end, the asset balance adjusts the assets according to the degree of risk and the returns expected by the investor.

The cost of a financial statement

Some bankers and insurers offer the free balance to their customers. Before looking for a professional to do this, first ask your banker or insurer for information. You can save big if it’s offered for free.

Otherwise, you can turn to notaries or CGPs who have the necessary tools to carry out this task. A wealth management advisor can charge you between 500 and 1500 euros make a simple balance. But the price generally depends on the heritage. It can be billed by the hour or as a flat rate. Depending on the professional you choose and the difficulty of your work, the cost of making a financial statement it can vary between 100 and 300 euros per hour on average.

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