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For many it is a tradition to sit down to drink a glass of wine on a Saturday night, at dinner with friends or even toast on a special date; however, many times, we do not know where they come from, what kind of wine they are or what harvest they come from, which is essential to give a little more value to the drink that we usually consume for pleasure and freshness.

Young wines are among the most consumed and are often used as an accompaniment to light meals as they are fresh to share a pleasant moment. For this reason, and to get to know this type of wine better, the general manager of Vino y Roble, Rebeca Caballero, has four interesting facts that you should not know about young wine:

  1. They are wines that are easy to drink: they do not need as much complexity to drink them, as they have letter sensations, which are easier to understand. They have a slightly more acidic structure than aged wines, which makes them a very pleasant wine to taste.
  2. Fruit predominates as an essence: one of the primary things in young wines is the vine, as you do not need to add anything else to feel the fruity varieties, with many primary and secondary aromas that come from the grape and fermentation.
  3. It is easy to differentiate from other wines: thanks to its simplicity, it is easy to recognize because of its weight, because, unlike old wines, they have less weight, the color is stronger and more vivid. In addition, this type of wine will only go through steel fences and bottled, for up to 4 years.
  4. It is also known as ready-to-drink wine: due to not being aged in barrels, these are usually consumed in the two years following its production, so it is known as “ready-to-drink wine” or “varietal wines”, perfect . to accompany a meeting with friends.
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