What are the differences between a Voicebot and a Chatbot?

Most of the customer service tools used by companies are bots. Customers and businesses can still communicate. Customers always find this satisfying as the two bots can continue chatting endlessly without getting tired.

Both bots have their pros and cons, but they are undoubtedly great customer service inventions. It is essential to keep the lines of communication open with your clientele.

Customers feel valued and heard, which encourages them to continue to engage.


Interactive voice response software with artificial intelligence is called Voicebot.

The caller can use natural language to converse with the bot. AI can analyze conversations to find key elements or brands and then respond in a human-like manner.

They are also called voice assistants. It can be easily accessed and used through integration with multiple devices. The voice assistant only uses voice to communicate, which is the basic distinction between it and a chatbot.

They take in the interlocutor’s words, analyze them, and then construct a meaningful verbal exchange by responding.


It offers the best customer service option available. Most customers prefer voice as it is the most natural form of communication.

They are also simple to use, as users do not have to constantly press the appropriate keys on the phone while listening to menus. Finding answers is now very easy.

Bots easily enable self-service and can be quickly linked to various customer service solutions. These voice bots provide a seamless experience, making the touch-tone phone method obsolete.

Most people integrate them with at least one device in their home. With fewer customer service contacts, companies can make better use of their resources.

Also, they are great for reaching a large customer base. Customers who are not tech savvy can use it with ease, that’s why. It can be used by seniors who find it difficult to send text messages without creating unnecessary discomfort.

Service providers can reach a large number of their consumers and potential customers due to the general appeal of bots and their large platform.

Differences between a Voicebot and a Chatbot


These bots are software used for text-based online conversations. Through messaging platforms, you can communicate with people and automate communications.

The software is text-based, which is the main difference with voice bots. However, they also use AI to encourage a conversation with the user using everyday language. They can be integrated into websites or chat services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

They offer high-level and entertaining self-service. They achieve the same goal as voice bots, which is to maintain continuous and personalized engagement with customers. Once you understand how a chatbot works, using it is simple.


Save a lot of time because the answers come quickly. Plus, they don’t require as much training as humans, reducing the time it takes most businesses to go from setup to productivity.

Customers always favor brands with quick responses. Bots have been instrumental in helping businesses respond quickly.

They can be used in a wide variety of organizational services. They can be used for many different things, including advertising, ordering, employee support, and customer service.

Everyone needs occasional help, which robots can provide. It’s even better if you can simply get this support on your phone through various apps.

Because they can handle the most frequent requests, especially at peak times, they reduce labor costs. Plus, it’s incredibly convenient because a live agent can always access all chats and data. It is a reliable complement to the day-to-day operations of any organization or in times of crisis.


The customer service industry is rapidly being revolutionized by artificial intelligence. Because of their ability to maintain the momentum established by chatbots, voicebots are generally preferred over chatbots.

They have obvious limitations, like reaction time and training, but they’re certainly very useful. Thanks to these softwares, most companies have modified or improved their operations or their products.

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