What are the best ways to grow your money in 2021?

As every year, many French people are looking to invest to grow their savings. But between real estate, stock market, cryptocurrencies or even bank savings, many people no longer know where to turn and do not know what the best possible investment is. Find the best ways to grow your money in 2021 in this article.

Invest in real estate

We will never repeat it enough, but there is nothing better than the stone to grow your money. In fact, regardless of the country’s economic conditions, the state of the labor market or the weather conditions, real estate will always be the center of concern for most citizens. Therefore, it is highly recommended to invest in stone yes, but especially in rental stone! While subject to some important conditions, investing in renting is still one of the safest and safest ways to grow your money.

By renting out your property, you not only secure additional income, but you can even make a profit based on the amount of rent you set. On the other hand, by carrying out works to improve or renovate the property you have acquired, you will significantly increase its value and you will be able, when you like the humor, to resell it for much more than the price at which you bought it. . As such, you have an insured financial asset for yourself, but also for your family. Keep in mind that depending on the location of your property, its size, condition, and some other criteria, you can earn up to two, three, or even four times the total amount invested! Thus, rental investment remains, to date, the most popular method of financial growth among the French.

Invest in the stock market

Beyond real estate investing, stock market investing is also a very popular method. If you make this choice, keep in mind that you will have to choose between buying stocks, bonds and stock indices. This operation is carried out in the financial markets where many companies are listed. To make the best possible investment, it is advisable to know in depth the scope of the stock market and its specificities. This way, you will learn the need to find the best broadcast broker. If these are variable most of the time, there is also a fixed spread broker that will ensure that you know your transaction cost in advance and thus avoid excessive loss of money.

If you choose to invest in the stock market, however, keep in mind that many factors affect day-to-day gains. Therefore, you will never really earn the same amounts. These gains are especially variable depending on the economic situation, the amount and nature of your investment, your experience and the attention you pay to the world of commerce. In fact, the more you keep up with stock market news, the more opportunities you can find. It should be noted that a large part of stock market investment is a matter of chance. Therefore, it is necessary to have a taste for risk and a sense of initiative.

Invest in cryptocurrencies

Considered the new favorite method of major investors, cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum. Between bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin or even XRP, there are many virtual currencies that you can buy, but also sell, like Elon Musk, who has been praising the merits of bitcoin for a few months.

There are many benefits to investing in cryptocurrencies. On the one hand, they are decentralized currencies, which means that their fluctuation does not depend on government agencies. Thus, they are much more likely to grow and make money for their investors. On the other hand, transaction costs are especially low and transactions can be carried out very quickly depending on the different cryptocurrencies: they can range from one hour for bitcoins to five seconds for XRP). Please note that each of your transactions in the financial markets is completely anonymous and is carried out with complete discretion.

In any case, make sure you have a cryptocurrency wallet to keep your cryptocurrencies safe and prevent hackers.

Invest in life insurance

Few people think about it at first, but taking out life insurance is also a great way to grow your money. The principle of this investment is simple: it is a guarantee, either for the relatives of the insured, or for the insured himself. Thanks to life insurance, you pocket an annual salary for the past year. The amount, in turn, varies and depends on the interest rate set by your insurer. In general, the subscriber recovers their costs very quickly and can even recover double or even triple the amount invested, in a few years.

Very advantageous, life insurance is today the first means of bank savings used in France. According to recent data, there are approximately 1,786 million euros that would sleep in the French life insurance. In fact, its many advantages have won over many citizens. First of all, you know that you have nothing to lose by taking out life insurance: in any case, your initial capital is always guaranteed and you are also protected from negative balances. Finally, the interest rates on these investments are often equal to or greater than 2%, which represents a great financial opportunity compared to other investments such as Booklet A or ELP.

Invest in crowdfunding

Finally, people who want to invest in crowdfunding, also called crowdfunding, are especially rare. However, this is still a very interesting investment.

Used primarily by young startups or artists, crowdfunding is investing in a company or professional project with high scalable potential. In general, platforms for Internet users are set up for this type of financial investment. With these investments, you can double or even triple your bet, depending on the success of the project you have invested in.

However, like stock market investments, crowdfunding carries some risks. Obviously, the project may not be promising enough and may not be successful. In that case, you will have lost your money. Therefore, it is up to you to take care of your decisions.

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