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What are the benefits of using Crowdbotics?

Crowdbotics is a platform that helps developers build their custom applications quickly and effectively by utilising modular code. Recently, Crowdbotics raised $40 million to help developers build their applications faster and more securely.

Through its rich library of open source code blocks and powerful data platform, Crowdbotics makes it simpler and more streamlined for developers to create apps.

Let’s dive into the benefits of using Crowdbotics.

Overview of Crowdbotics

Crowdbotics is an agile platform that helps tech companies launch digital products, services and applications faster and more efficiently. It provides a cloud-based platform with collaborative management tools that enable product teams to quickly build market-ready products in just weeks or months rather than having to re-design their existing development methodologies. With Crowdbotics, product teams can leverage pre-built components, automated deployment pipelines and automation tools to accelerate product delivery into the market.

Crowdbotics applies modern best practices while empowering team members of all skill levels to participate in software development projects and product launches. Through its use of active project tracking, users can track progress from a single dashboard. It is designed so everyone can contribute efficiently and reduce repeat efforts over time. Furthermore, Crowdbotics encourages effective collaboration between stakeholders by allowing for communication channels and role assignment capabilities across multiple areas of the project (i.e.: business impact analysis, coding tasks etc.).

The platform further enables organisations to regularly release high quality software into production without relying on manual processes or wasting precious development hours through code-fixing or bug fixing. Crowdbotics also automates mundane back office operations like deployments and approvals so engineering can focus on efficiency optimization and innovation instead of tedious manual processes like setting up servers or running tests manually, leaving engineers more time for innovation and experimentation while providing faster feedback loops between customers/users and developers.

Overall, Crowdbotics empowers teams to deliver amazing products faster through automated sprints that improve visibility into daily progress while utilising resources efficiently which results in cost savings over time better decision making based on real user feedback quicker releases due increased speed quality improvements due improved collaboration amongst involved parties better scalability simplified maintenance streamlined administrative tasks faster time-to value when launching digital products; all resulting in improved customer satisfaction throughout different stages of the product life cycle.

What is Crowdbotics?

Crowdbotics is an integrated platform for software engineering that allows developers to launch enterprise-level web applications quickly and cost-effectively. It makes software development faster, simpler, and more reliable by combining high-quality code libraries, tooling, in-app collaboration and project management. Crowdbotics solutions are designed to meet the needs of large organisations with a wide range of software development requirements.

The company’s core product offering is the browser-based IDE called the “Crowdbotics Console”, which acts as a single interface for developers to access all the platform’s capabilities. In addition, the IDE integrates with select back-end services such as frameworks (like React/Angular), databases (MySQL, MongoDB and Postgres), source repositories (Git/GitHub) and cloud deployment solutions (Amazon Web Services) that automate key development stages.

Developers using Crowdbotics also use platform features such as Cloud Codebase management; automated builds; real-time collaboration; automated testing & staging; and in-app debugging tools. All these features save time, energy and costs associated with custom application development and allow DevOps teams to spend more time on building new features or maintaining existing ones.

Benefits of Crowdbotics

Crowdbotics is a platform that allows developers to quickly and easily build apps from modular code. It has been gaining much traction recently, with its Series B funding of $40 million.

This article will examine the benefits of using Crowdbotics to help developers build their applications.

Improved Productivity

Using Crowdbotics for your development projects can improve efficiency and help ship great products faster. By streamlining the development process and ensuring that tasks are executed seamlessly, Crowdbotics helps you build software faster than if you were managing the entire process independently.

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Crowdbotics enables developers to quickly get up and running with an existing template or customise a workflow tailored to their specific project needs. The platform’s intuitive visual editor also makes combining different task modules into one workflow easier without relying on complex code. This significantly decreases the time it takes to launch a product and eliminates repetitive tasks, allowing teams to focus effort elsewhere.

Crowdbotics enables teams to manage projects more easily and helps reduce development costs by automating test cycles, setting up configurations in real-time and enabling rapid deployment of applications across any cloud infrastructure framework. With an intuitive UI, dashboard graphs, analytics and reports in one place, there’s no need to manage multiple platforms or waste time sifting through log files or struggling with debugging tools — enabling developers to deliver better products faster and easier than ever.

Cost Savings

Crowdbotics provides a cost-effective option for businesses and organisations to build, scale, and maintain software applications quickly and easily. Crowdbotics’ comprehensive developer cloud allows businesses of any size to reduce the time and costs associated with setting up and maintaining an in-house development team. In addition, using pre-built GitHub repositories, you can quickly deploy without the required setup—saving time, money and hassle.

Crowdbotics also offers competitively priced angular developers who are available on-demand when you need them. This provides businesses with flexibility to develop teams according to their project needs without engaging in long-term commitment contracts or hiring full time employees.

You can pick the Angular experts that are right for your project needs, as they are transparently priced hourly. With Crowdbotics’ technology stack of architecturally arranged components, you can cost effectively take advantage of all its features within the same platform architecture — pricing plans start at just $250 for a basic 3-year subscription plan. All subscription levels come with crowd sourced support from CrowdBotics’ community of experienced professionals so that any issues can be solved quickly and easily.

Increased Quality

When using Crowdbotics, companies benefit from the assurance of a higher level of quality throughout the delivery cycle. This is attributed to the highly qualified team of full-time and freelance developers bringing a combined set of talents and knowledge to every project. With these developers managing all parts of the development process, companies can put their trust in an experienced and efficient development staff who will provide top-tier results that surpass their expectations.

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With Crowdbotics, businesses receive additional quality assurance from our industry-leading tools and training, enabling them to develop their products with the highest possible standards. In addition, our platform provides:

  • Detailed analysis and real-time feedback.
  • Ensuring that any issues are quickly identified and remedied accordingly.
  • Guaranteeing far above average product quality.

Our development teams also keep customers apprised throughout the entire product building cycle, giving them complete visibility into project timelines, costs & metrics, and ongoing feedback on developments status — further tripling down on increased overall quality.

Faster Time to Market

Using Crowdbotics for your app development projects eliminates many of the tasks associated with traditional development. It makes automation tasks easier so your team can focus on what matters most: building applications that make a difference. This emphasis on expediting the process from idea to product launch removes many roadblocks to getting your project out quickly. In addition, it allows you to take advantage of fast-moving digital trends.

Crowdbotics accelerates time to market by streamlining processes and eliminating manual labour, significantly reducing the time required for development. This allows developers to create apps faster without worrying about potential issues that could delay their projects. Additionally, Crowdbotics is designed with scalability in mind, allowing teams and companies of varying sizes to develop their applications quickly and effectively while maintaining high standards of quality they demand.

Crowdbotics also offers developers insights into their product’s performance early on so that they can make adjustments as needed before launch. This helps avoid unnecessary delays or costly fixes after a product has been released due to changes or bugs missed during testing. In addition, with Crowdbotics’ development accelerators, teams can be sure their products are up-to-date with modern technology and prepared for prime time as soon as possible—enabling them to capture market opportunity quicker than ever before.

Crowdbotics raises $40M to help devs build apps from modular code

Crowdbotics has raised an impressive $40M in funding to expand their platform, which provides developers with tools to build applications from modular code.

This influx of capital gives developers access to new features, benefits, and services, enabling them to create powerful, high-quality apps more easily.

Let’s look at what Crowdbotics’ funding will mean for developers.

What is the funding for?

Crowdbotics recently secured a $40M Series B funding round for their next-generation mobile and web development platform. As part of the funding, Crowdbotics plans to continue scaling its groundbreaking product technology and forge deeper relationships with the developer ecosystem.

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The funds will bring new mobile and web development features such as advanced testing, debugging, deployment automation, collaboration tools, analytics integration, and more. Crowdbotics is a tech company that helps developers build projects quicker while maintaining high quality standards through its Managed App Development Platform (MADP). This platform makes it easier for developers to create apps that work fast and respond quickly to changing business needs in real-time.

The MADP also offers an integrated DevOps workflow featuring an all-in-one bug tracker; one-click deployment capability for data management; real-time analytics integration for edge computing; enterprise grade reliability with secure access; team chat, project management, and central authentication tools are all integrated into MADP’s platform. Furthermore, MADP allows businesses to keep up with their ever changing customer needs while retaining complete control of their IT investment.

With this new funding round Crowdbotics is already setting out to expand its current technology solutions even further and build stronger relations with existing developers who have already embraced the technology. With more funding and additional resources dedicated to developing the MADP solution even further, it can only mean further innovation being added at a rapid pace for both web/mobile developers looking for online solutions and enterprises looking for ways to manage their IT Investments quickly yet efficiently.

How will it benefit developers?

As the platform-agnostic app development platform, Crowdbotics simplifies and accelerates the engineering, CodeOps and DevOps processes for today’s developers. With its $40M Series A funding, Crowdbotics plans to enhance the customer experience with a suite of tools, templates and services to speed up and scale modern app development.

Developers can leverage Crowdbotics’ platform for building faster applications with greater efficiency. From easy onboarding of projects to automatically provisioned production environments and built-in dashboards full of interactive analytics, developers will have access to everything they need to quickly launch their apps in a fully automated process.

Crowdbotics also provides extensive code review practices and project structure education. Through active engagements such as webinars and live streams, they equip developers with all they need to know while allowing them to build high-quality applications on any cloud infrastructure that fits their needs.

Crowdbotics equips developers with an intuitive dashboard — which helps them manage multiple projects easily — that carries all the essential insights on their app performance – including exceptions tracking, metrics monitoring & feature flagging – in real-time for effortless debugging in future app versions. What is more exciting is that all these features come at no additional cost — scalable plan structure allows customers to pay only for what they use without signing a long-term contract – making it an ideal choice for both small businesses owners as well as enterprise customers looking for smooth yet powerful app development solutions for their operations.

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