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‘Wednesday’ Review (Netflix) [2022]: Veronica Mars gothic style

Tim Burton is more fashionable than ever in our country. After his thematic exhibition in Madrid, he returns to direct a new project, this time a series, Dimecres. Young Addams will have to solve mysteries as she faces her teenage years and tries to fit into society.

The American director has always been very interested in the characters of the addams family, but he had always been on the verge of directing them. Now it’s his turn with the series of Wednesdaycentered on the young woman of the family, the most loved character of the franchise and pop icon of the last decades thanks to her charisma and the version of Christina Ricci in the 90s.

From the hand of Alfred Gough i Thousands Thousandcreators of ‘Smallville’, gets behind the cameras to narrate the adventures of a teenage Wednesday as mystery investigatorturning the character upside down.

Enter the Mai Més Academy

After his conflicted past in human colleges, Gomez (Luis Guzmán) and Mortice (Catherine Zeta-Jones) decide to send their daughter to the Never Again Academya school for special people where his mother was already at a young age.

It will be located there at Residence Ofeliawhere he will share a room with the young werewolf Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers). It will make good crumbs with her, unlike with the mermaid Bianca Barclay (Joy Sunday), his new rival in Mai Més. He will also have to fight with the adults in the center like Larissa Weems (Gwendoline Christie), the director of the center, or the teacher Marilyn Thornhill (Guest Star Christina Ricci).

As he integrates into his new life, he will discover the mystery of the murders that are ravaging the town and the past that surrounds the family. She will not be alone, as she will have the help of the faithful hand Cosa.

If we were in a shaker’Veronica Mars‘, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Smallville’, ‘Sabrina’ and ‘Buffy Cazavampiros’ we would get ‘Wednesday’. It has a lot of tone comedian i pop which will delight fans of these franchises.

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The ingredients there are: one strong protagonist and determined with supernatural abilities that solves cases. Also an institute divided into 4 houses that compete with each other for trophies such as the Cup Edgar Allan Poe. Together with students who have to learn to fight with their powers while facing their adolescence.

We are facing a Who Done it de Gothic settingwith an obvious contrast between day and night and the supernatural with the everyday, as Burton likes to do. They have not skimped on decorations and locations therefore, with many locations of Romania like Bucharest or Transylvania.

The star of the show is without a doubt Jenna Ortega, a casting success. It is the living image of Dimecres, with his black humor and his biting cutting sentences, forming a very funny and special tandem with thing.

The soundtrack of Danny Elfman i Chris Bacon is another of the great successes of the series. The composer once again associates himself wonderfully with his favorite fatigues companion, fitting in perfectly and giving every moment the perfect Burtonian atmosphere. Gothic themes and dark but with this innocent touch, eccentric and storytelling from Burton’s films, accompanied by touches of humor. Special mention to the fantastic ones initial credits of every episode, you’ll never want to skip them.

‘Wednesday’ is not the series of the year, or anything groundbreaking, but it is a product very entertaining, enjoyable and account that brings us some memories of the best Burton. The involvement of Millar and Gough manages to adapt from remarkable way the Addams family franchise in the times they run with a youth style. If you like the theme and tone, you will be scared accompanying Wednesday solving mysteries.

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