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Web Marketing in Industry: How to Use It to Develop Your Business?

Web marketing is an essential strategy for companies that want to develop in the industrial sector.

Web tools offer original and impactful means of communication that allow you to achieve new goals, increase traffic and awareness, and enhance your brand image.

In this context, SEO, SEA, social networks and email are essential levers to generate leads and boost industrial activity.

The benefits of SEO for the industry

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an effective way to be referenced in the first position of search engines.

It consists of optimizing the content of a site so that it is well indexed in the engines and appears at the top of the results. According to a recent study, 45% of large companies and 20% of SMEs/ETIs spend more than 15,000 euros per month on SEO actions. The benefits are numerous: click-through rates increase, traffic is qualified, awareness is increased, and ROI is developed.

Web marketing techniques to get concrete results

MAR: a powerful but profitable lever

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is another very effective tool for generating traffic on a website. It allows you to buy ads that appear on search engine results pages.

These ads are targeted based on specific criteria and are paid per click. Therefore, SEA is very effective if you want to get quick results, but it requires a large budget.

Emailing: a profitable and efficient solution

Email is a very effective way to generate leads and reduce marketing costs. Ready-to-use software as of now sendnblue o Plezi facilitate the creation, sending and monitoring of emails.

To optimize your digital strategy, it is important to personalize each email according to the type of target it is targeting. Emails should also be tested for good visibility and increased open rate.

Social networks to improve brand image

Social networks are particularly suitable for highlighting industrial skills and promoting a company’s brand image. LinkedIn is still the preferred social network for professionals because it is very useful for sharing knowledge, finding clients and promoting your career.

This network also allows industrial companies to publish photos, success stories, customer testimonials or any other content likely to reach their target audience.

Internet Marketing Basics

  • a strong and memorable digital identity
  • a clear web architecture
  • a smooth user experience on computers and mobiles
  • internal link optimization

Web marketing is a constantly evolving field that offers industrial companies the opportunity to try new, original and impactful means of communication.

The goal is to attract the maximum number of users and lead prospects to the final conversion that represents the sale. To achieve this, you need to intelligently use all the levers of web marketing in order to increase qualified traffic and awareness.

A mobile strategy adapted to industrial web marketing

With the development of mobile technologies, industrial web marketing must consider the use of smartphones and tablets. A proper mobile strategy is necessary to maintain a good level of interaction with users.

Websites must be responsive and easy to navigate in all media, regardless of the type of connection. Additionally, ads should be optimized to reach the mobile target.

Web Marketing: A way to win back customers

Web marketing is also an effective way to win back lost customers. Industrial companies can create targeted marketing campaigns to find their old customers and offer them promotional offers.

Web analytics tools are very useful for monitoring the behavior of Internet users and adapting actions accordingly.


Web marketing is an excellent opportunity for industrial companies that want to develop their business. It is possible to optimize your online presence through SEO, SEA, social media and emails.

You also need to set up a proper mobile strategy and use analytics tools to better understand the behavior of Internet users. With a good command of web marketing techniques, industry professionals can get concrete and impactful results.

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