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Select the best wine on a date as important as it is Valentine’s Day it can become quite a challenge when the intention surprises the couple with a special dinner by candlelight. If your idea for this February 14 is to prepare something delicious at home and share an unforgettable moment, there are some tips from specialists that will help you create a perfect match and not fail.

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It is not a question of doing a market research looking for the wines with the highest score from international critics, nor of clinging to a type of variety that is always consumed. The most important thing is to consider what will accompany this drink.

Giovanni Bisso, Professional Sommelier of Bodega Texplains everything you need to know to choose the best wine for a romantic meal at home:

Dinner with red and white meats, pastas and cheeses

A versatile wine and ideal for a formal dinner where these foods are included is a high-end Blend, such as Santa Rita ‘Triple C’. A blend based on Cabernet Franc (65%), Cabernet Sauvignon (30%) and Carmenére (5%) grapes. Powerful, structured how many notes in spices and a unique and fresh touch will surprise your partner and make tonight a more memorable date.

Grill and cheese board

If you plan to light the charcoal or share some cheeses in one night by candlelight, a delicious medium-bodied Cabernet, good balance and structure like Santa Rita ‘Royal Medal’, Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect wine. Its notes of black fruit, vanilla, tobacco and cloves will be the perfect ingredient for this special evening.

Dinner with Creole dishes

A good Creole dish like a sautéed loin and also a pork base like a delicious xancho on the stick or cylinder needs a wine of great volume and structure; soft and elegant tannins like Santa Rita ‘Secret Reserve’, Carmenére. Beautiful ruby ​​color, intense aromas of black fruit with notes of spices and mochas that highlight the delicious flavor of this Peruvian dish.

Nikkei or fish dinner

If the idea is to enjoy Valentine’s Day savoring a dish based on fish and seafood or nikkei cuisine, ask for a pairing with a fresh, fruity white wine, high persistent in the mouth and with a balanced acidity like Santa Rita ‘120 Reserva Especial’ Chardonnay. Bright golden color and aromas of peach and melon. Ideal to enjoy a romantic date, friendly and easy to take.

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