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University and clinical practice, double excellence in Dermatology

University and clinical practice, double excellence in Dermatology

“Although the demand is always present at the highest level since our first academic year, the team of Dermatology professors led by Dr. López Bran has given us clarity in the explanation of concepts, the efficient resolution of doubts and the appropriate combination of theory and practice”, they summarize.

Perhaps for opinions like this, which I am sure many of his colleagues will have subscribed to, full professor Eduardo López Bran, attached to the Faculty of Medicine, has achieved the mention of “Excellent” in the Docentia-UCM Program of the call 2021-2022; a document that accredits educational quality with data from three academic years.

In one of the most relevant sections of this Teaching Activity Report, the students of the Dermatology subject assessed, through a voluntary survey, the teaching and educational capacity of Dr. López Bran, chief dermatologist, at the same time, of the Hospital Clínic Universitari San Carlos.

The results of the aforementioned surveys, drawn up in the last three academic years (2019-2022), have offered an average score of 9.62 out of 10 for perfection (9.75/9.59/9.54); numbers that speak of a continued rise in the quality of university teaching by professor and doctor López Bran.

The items that assess academic excellence year after year

University and clinical practice: medical excellence

For Marta and Maria, who speak only as students of the “complete“, the academic level of all the Medicine professors goes at the same time with the demands of the career itself.

“Most of them, from whom we have been able to learn a lot, are very professional and humanly wonderful; a very important double condition for us, especially if we look at the most human part”, they emphasize.

“And they always give us their attention, whatever the field, university or otherwise”, they say sincerely.

University and clinical practice: medical excellence

The educational strategy in Dermatology

“We are used to knowing and learning too much subject matter from the different medical disciplines, so much material that we know that some of it will not be useful to us in the daily practice of our profession”, reflects Marta, making it clear that learning is never a waste of time.

“On the other hand, in dermatology, they teach us to identify the basic things that will indeed be essential in our healthcare career, since not all of us will choose this specialty at the MIR”, he says.

“We will have the necessary knowledge to know what dermatology things we need to know and retain because they will be fundamental in any medical specialty”, he completes.

Maria underlines this opinion and points out that “dermatology classes focus on the images that facilitate the diagnosis of the pathologies suffered by patients, in the essence of the specialty”.

And how do you rate the training capacity of Professor López Bran?

“He is a great teacher. The teacher clearly explains the concepts, resolves doubts and uses many descriptive images, which for me are of great importance in this specialty. He also creates a good atmosphere in his classes because he always uses humor”, says Maria.

“Since we are students, we often feel that there is a barrier that separates us from the teachers. On the other hand, with Dr. López Bran, this barrier is invisible, as it is always close and, moreover, has the ability to capture our attention”, adds Marta.

University and clinical practice: medical excellence“In fact, his classes are one of the few that most of the students have attended,” he reinforces.

“And if we talk about the practical classes, they are very well organized. the ‘feedback“he has been constant and has always made us participants in the classes”, he comments.

“For example, Dr. López Bran makes sure that we are all happy and satisfied with the theoretical and practical teaching, even solving any problem or academic incident that interferes with the development of our classes,” he emphasizes.

Marta González de Gor

“For all this, Dr. López Bran will remain in my university memories. He is a very good teacher and a very good person”, concludes Marta; an opinion that Maria shares and expands.

University and clinical practice: medical excellence“Many times, as a medical student, I feel that I am not up to the expectations that are generated around my academic level, since I still do not have a lot of knowledge.”

“The team of dermatology professors does not turn these feelings into an academic reproach. On the contrary, they put themselves in our shoes and treat us as we deserve, that is, as medical students, not as doctors”, he explains.

“There are professors who forget our status as students, demanding of us the level of a trained doctor.”

“The academic style of the dermatology professors comforts me; it seems to me a very interesting and very beautiful strategy, of which I must take an example. They will remain forever in my memory.”

Maria Galán Hernández

The evaluations of excellence of Dr. Eduardo López Bran

“The result of this UCM Teaching Activity Report gives me a lot of personal and professional pride, even more so for containing an evaluative survey of the students, pupils and students who access the Medicine Course with tremendously high selectivity marks”, says Dr. López Bran from room 7 of the Hospital Clínic Universitari San Carlos.

“It is one of the reasons why the dermatology team of this Faculty of Medicine, which enjoys great prestige, strives daily with the sole aim of transferring our theoretical knowledge and all our clinical experience to these students, eager for information and eager to obtain the best possible teaching to apply it to future patients”, he states.

University and clinical practice: medical excellence

Why do students value your explanation of concepts in the classroom?

“Education includes the most innovative technological communication tools, with the internet or mobile devices, but face-to-face attendance at theoretical and practical classes is irreplaceable, and possibly will be in the future as well,” he replies.

“The enrichment with the teacher’s detailed explanations, the interaction with the students before, during and after the classes, solving any doubt or any concern that is in our hands to solve is part of a vital structure for teaching “, wide.

Even so, this academic format must be improved year after year.

“We must be able to convey to the students the messages and the knowledge that it has cost us so much effort to acquire over the years. Our task is to make the student leave the class understanding what we have explained as the basic concepts of the Dermatology subject”, he reinforces.

“We must not forget that the knowledge acquired by the students in the classrooms must be able to be transferred automatically to the National Health System. It is part of the ideal formula to achieve the best early diagnosis, a personalized treatment and a prognosis of total cure of the disease, if that can be the case”, he says.

University and clinical practice: medical excellenceDocentia’s surveys highlight its great ability to resolve doubts

“Whoever receives knowledge from other people, well trained and with great medical experience, either because of their age, clinical practice or specialized dedication, will be blessed with doubts. Consequently, it is a priority that teachers and students have an absolute willingness to solve every question, no matter how small it may seem.

The concepts that the students receive must be perfectly settled, transparent and embedded in their minds, with the sole purpose of ensuring their future medical skills”.

Doctor and professor Eduardo López Bran

They also value the right combination of theory and practice with excellence

“Any education must occupy both sides of the learning path, even more so in the specialty of dermatology, where a clinical picture reaches a high diagnostic value, even if there are other complementary tests that can help the doctor establish the diagnosis and treatment,” he says.

“If we didn’t combine theory and practice we would be losing one of the two fundamental legs of teaching”, he says.

At the Dermatology Service of the Hospital Clínic Universitari San Carlos, we make a real effort to make all available resources available to students.

“They have access to the consultations, the diagnostic tests, the therapeutic arsenal and the follow-up of the cases in the different pathologies so that they can know first hand all the details of the clinical practice and its results in the patients”, says Dr. . López Bran

University and clinical practice: medical excellence
Some are no longer there and others changed hospital centers, but all of them have formed or are forming one of the leading Dermatology Services in Spain. (photographs provided by Dr. Eduardo López Bran).

Does excellence have its epicenter in the Dermatology team?

“Certainly. I am fortunate to have an exceptional team of perfectly trained professionals who demonstrate day by day that they possess the necessary talent to transfer all their knowledge and experiences“, he reaffirms.

“In addition, they maintain the essential youth to imbue themselves with the teaching spirit and be focused not only on patient care, but on teaching students in each university year.”

“His effort to transfer this acquired knowledge to the students of the Faculty of Medicine of the Complutense University, twinned with the Hospital Clínic San Carlos, has no other goal than to enrich dermatological excellence and guarantee the present care of patients “, concludes Dr. Eduardo López Bran, surgeon expert in hair transplant.

If studying with excellence at the university, taking the MIR and practicing the quality of care in the Health Centers or in the hospital network of a country are the fundamental arguments of current Medicine, it is necessary to end this multimedia report by transcribing a comment to this text from a student reflected in the survey that is part of the Teaching Report:

I don’t know who will read this, but my sincerest congratulations, especially López Bran, because I think he is a very good teacher. He explains everything clearly and to the smallest detail, but without going on too much. I think the classes are extraordinary. But not only thanks to him, but to the whole team, to ‘EVERYONE’ and each of the teachers. They are a great team. Thank you very much!!!

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