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Unfiltered Therapy (2023) Season 1 Review: NO SPOILERS

Therapy Without Filter is the new series of Apple TV+; from the team of Ted Lassowith Jason Segel and Harrison Ford among others, arrives next Friday, January 27, with its first two episodes, and from here on weekly. We were able to watch the full season and we tell you what we thought.

A Therapy Without Filter seal plays Jimmy, a recently widowed psychologist with a bad streak; drags an unstable relationship with his daughter and with the support of his wife’s best friend tries to move on. Ford plays Paul, Jimmy’s mentor; an elderly man who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and with, again, a peculiar relationship with his daughter. Jimmy also leans on Liz, a housewife in her fifties adjusting to having to spend more time with her husband due to his impending retirement, his best friend Brian, with whom he hasn’t seen in a while he talks to Sean, a patient with whom he begins an inappropriate relationship.

unfiltered therapy

Most of the time, within a few minutes of footage I have a very clear yes or no, thumbs up or thumbs down; and on rare occasions, throughout the year, there are a small handful of series that disturb me, with moments of remarkable interest and with moments of strangeness. Therapy Without Filter it is the epitome of it; interesting characters, very well played, with a seductive starting point; on the other hand, moments without related conflicts and – sometimes attractive – tonal dissonances. On a small scale, it is impeccably constructed; But the structure sometimes wobblesleaving the feeling of having a highly polished product in some respects and unfinished in others.

For example, jimmy i Paul they are two characters who start from different places, with similar conflicts and similar approaches; nevertheless, the series does not delve into the complexity of their relationship and is relegated, somehow, solely to the gag; they work separately, but the series doesn’t benefit in dramatic terms from what it sets up in the first instance. It would seem that they are two protagonists of their own narrative, of their own series, without enriching the reflection in the mirror. It is true that the comic focus on this generational clash and the love-hate relationship delivers very inspired moments; but it could – will – deliver much more.

A similar thing happens in the relationship of jimmy with his teenage daughter, where the conflict caresses superficially; perhaps the best built relationship is with gabbyhis work colleague and his wife’s best friend, who it works as an emotional catalyst, as a dramatic push, but also as an approach to the same drama from another point of view; and this happens because he is the only character really freed from his own conflict, with a lighter treatment, which allows him to navigate and function, in a way, as a communicating glass between the different narratives.

Maybe this works as the center of the series; the fact that we are all isolated, we are all looking for the way out of the labyrinth -a wonderful opening-, and we are all at the center of our own narrative, and the complicated part lies precisely in this, being the lead singer, but also the one who at another moment puts the focus for another to shine. The series has very good ideas, with, I repeat, impeccable small-scale construction, with characters with the ability to develop in a very human way through the conflicts it presents, and with one very important thing; heart in the right place at all times. Of course, he has to correct some things, nothing serious; in future seasons.


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