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UFC President Dana White’s F*** It Friday’s Most Epic Food Combos

It has led the UFC to become a multi-billion dollar company and the most popular mixed martial arts promotion on the planet. But have you seen the UFC boss taste the craziest food combinations and concepts from his famous ‘F*** It Friday’ series on social media?

Even those of you who don’t follow UFC President Dana White on Instagram may have heard or seen her “F** It Friday” videos that are filmed from UFC HQ every Friday before of a fight night or UFC pay-per-view. event

The UFC boss works with several chefs who present him with wild food concepts as he opines on each dish. The idea came when White saw a commercial for a KFC donut fried chicken sandwich and asked UFC chefs to recreate it. White did a food review about the donut and his audience begged for more crazy food to follow, and so “F*** It Friday” became a thing.

White scouts social media for new concepts give viewers instructions on how to make their own, taste them, and then make a unanimous decision on how good (or bad) the food is, pun intended.

As White already mentioned, he likes doing the series because these dark food ideas aren’t exclusive to chefs, but to anyone at home.

Let’s take a look at some of White’s craziest “F*** It Fridays” to date, both good and bad.

The Waffle Taco & Creamberry Cotton Candy Burrito

“It’s way better than you would expect,” White said when answering the taste test of the cotton candy burrito filled with ice cream and Captain’s Crunchy Cereal.

However, White’s surprising reaction to the waffle taco was more intriguing. “Holy shit, that’s good,” he commented.

The makeshift taco contained gram crackers, chocolate, marshmallows, and rolled ice cream, which was then placed in a taco-shaped waffle shell. The chef added chocolate sauce and s’mores whipped cream to finish it off.

Keto Puppy Chow before UFC 280

UFC 280 was a highly anticipated pay-per-view event since October 2022 as the promotion returned to Dubai for an epic night of fights and championship fights. New York’s own Aljamain Sterling (Aljo) grabbed some headlines when he dismantled TJ Dillashaw in two rounds. New York gambling enthusiasts were out in full force that night in support of Aljo, but a day before the festivities, White was up to his old tricks on Instagram with a crazy new dish to review.

You might notice the Keto theme that White has been instilling in recent episodes of “F*** It Friday.” This is due to the UFC president’s recent health push and Keto diet research. However, Keto Puppy Chow still offered the weird and wacky ideas we’ve always seen, as chefs combined

A combination of unsweetened chocolate, peanut butter and butter was poured over the pork rinds and finished with a keto sweetener. Let’s just say White wasn’t impressed by this crazy creation, “It tastes like stale ass,” he commented.

Leftover Thanksgiving Pie

A week before Thanksgiving, White set his sights on the turducken, which included mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, sweet potato toppings and melted marshmallows. This Black Friday tasting saw him enjoy it with leftover Thanksgiving pie and White loved it!

“It’s fantastic, absolutely stunning,” White said with his mouth full. “I could eat it all day, every day,” he added.

Hamburger Pizza

One of White’s most recent ventures “F*** It Friday” involved a set of ingredients we can all relate to. The pizza burger was made by flattening a hamburger bun with a pizza-shaped glass. Tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni were added, emulating a pizza. The replica pizza was then used as a bun for two burgers topped with cheese and lettuce.

After one bite, a facial expression revealed the reaction of his taste buds: “I’m going to take a second bite,” White said. “This is the best I’ve had in a long time, winner; The pizza burger is a winner.”

So the pizza burger is a good place to start if you want to re-create a “F*** It Friday” dish based on White’s opinion and his simplistic ingredients.

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