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It’s a great time to be a subscriber or subscribe to Disney Plus. Disney Plus Day 2022 has more benefits, in addition to the releases of new movies, series and documentaries, and the incredible offers to join the platform at bargain prices. There are also free Uber memberships (in the US), theme park benefits, and Disney Movie Insider.

In addition to announcements of major releases for 2023 com season 3 of The Mandalorianor the arrival of the new series Andor on September 21, until September 19, Disney Plus Day 2022 has more benefits for new subscribers.

For example, those living in the United States will get six free months of Uber One, which will offer discounts on rides and deliveries through Uber.

Subscribers will also enjoy bonus Disney Movie Insider points, which can provide discounts on movies or special items. They also get special access to merchandise at ShopDisney and a digital subscription to National Geographic.

And for those Ratón fanatics who love to travel, there are new and incredible benefits that Disney+ subscribers can take advantage of. For example, they can use these benefits to book tickets for the Disney Cruise line; passengers 3 and 4 for Disney+ subscribers traveled free with two full-fare passengers in the same cabin.

In addition, the offer prices available until September 19 inclusive. And much more news that will continue to arrive in the coming months.

no doubt Disney Plus it has all the seasonings to become the favorite platform and become the market leader.

The offer prices to subscribe to Disney Plus:

United States: $1.99 (instead of $7.99)
Spain: €1.99 (instead of €8.99)
Argentina: AR$ 149 (instead of AR$ 385)
Mexico: MXN$29 (instead of MXN$159)
Colombia: COP$ 5,900 (instead of COP$ 23,900)
Chile: CLP 1,500 (instead of CLP 6,500)
Peru: PEN 5.90 (instead of PEN 25.9)
Uruguay: $1.49 (instead of $7.49)
Ecuador: $1.49 (instead of $5.99)
Paraguay: $1.49 (instead of $6.99)
Nicaragua: $1.49 (instead of $5.99)
Bolivia: $1.49 (instead of $5.99)
Costa Rica: $1.49 (instead of $5.99)
Panama: $1.49 (instead of $5.99)

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