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UAM-Chiesi-Neumomadrid scholarships: “Destination, the patients”

UAM-Chiesi-Neumomadrid scholarships: “Destination, the patients”

The “Inspiring Knowledge in Respiratory Health” chair, sponsored by the Autonomous University (UAM), Neumomadrid and the pharmaceutical company Chiesi, offers two grants each year to carry out training in transversal skills and social leadership in any of the symposia IAP-UAM-DRCLAS program.

These specialized symposia, of an interdisciplinary nature, taught by prestigious professors from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), constitute a privileged meeting place to exchange experiences between European and American universities.

“Learning and experiencing transversal skills is an education that any student should program in their university career, especially in the field of innovation, leadership or public communication”, says Rocío Villena.

“They are necessary skills in our day-to-day life, such as philosophy, which complete our profile as researchers; and this stay at Harvard has allowed us to develop our potential to the fullest”, he emphasizes.

For Daniel Laorden, it has also been “a fantastic experience to meet people who are very advanced in transversal skills”.

“We have understood that it is essential not only to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge, but to be able to transmit it effectively to society, especially when we talk about respiratory diseases”, he says.

Research grants from the UAM-Chiesi-Neumomadrid Chair.
The doctoral students with scholarships at the UAM-Chiesi-Neumomadrid Chair, Rocío Villena and Daniel Laorden, talk to the journalist of the EFE Agency, Gregorio del Rosario.

The Research Grants of the UAM-Chiesi-Neumomadrid Chair

To obtain one of the two “Respiratory Health” grants from the department, around 2,500 euros, you must be enrolled in the UAM Doctorate Program in the Health Sciences sector, demonstrate a C1 level of English, be a member de Neumomadrid, having spent time abroad or participated in international training activities during doctoral studies.

The amount of the grant was allocated to one of the four symposia held during the month of June 2022 on the Harvard University Campus: Public Policy and Administration in Disruptive and Transformative Era (PPA), Use Data Science for Healthcare (HC), Advances in Management Research (AMR) e Innovative Leadership: Transforming Higher Education in the Digital Age (EDU).

Research grants from the UAM-Chiesi-Neumomadrid Chair.Why are respiratory health research grants so important, Dr. Anchovies?

“Because it is a priority to encourage quality research among young people. They are emerging people who need financial support with the aim of improving and deepening their academic and methodological knowledge”, replies the director of the UAM-Chiesi-Neumomadrid Chair.

“This training will have to transcend into clinical practice, since we are faced with different respiratory diseases that need to find solutions to problems that we don’t have today”, he points out

“For many of our patients, the future is written with the word ‘now’… tomorrow will be late”, emphasizes the head pulmonologist at Madrid’s Hospital de la Princesa.

“This systematic improvement in clinical practice can only go hand in hand with research. Therefore, it must be said that a country that does not research is a country without a future. We must not only invest in research, but we must take care of our researchers”, he says.

“Our horizon, bluntly, is to help all this critical mass of pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons and professionals involved in respiratory health, so that they have the appropriate means to develop research work”, he emphasizes.

Research grants from the UAM-Chiesi-Neumomadrid Chair.Dr. Julio Ancochea Bermúdez, we are still in pandemic times due to COVID-19 and, moreover, this winter we are suffering from the scourge of other respiratory infections in Spain. Why should society fully support the role of research?

“Respiratory diseases are one of the key factors in morbidity and mortality at European and global level,” he says.

“For example, Emergency Services are overwhelmed by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), influenza (flu) or parainfluenza (group of viruses that cause upper and lower respiratory tract infections); regardless of the fact that covid is still lurking. And we have to look for answers”, he testifies.

In this sense, there is positive news. Perhaps, soon, a vaccine against the respiratory syncytial virus will be available in people over sixty years old, the product of research at pharmaceutical companies GSK and Modern

“RSV, bronchiolitis, is not only important during the stages of infancy or childhood, but is a relevant cause of morbidity and mortality in older patients with various previous pathologies,” he declares.

“Scientific advances, which they give more life to life of many of our patients, will always have their origin in quality research”, he concludes.

Research grants from the UAM-Chiesi-Neumomadrid Chair.Dr. Francisco García Río, president of the Spanish Society of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR) and co-director of the UAM-Chiesi-Neumomadrid Chair, Why is it so important to finance chairs that improve the training of university students?

The sponsoring chair tries to put the focus on doctoral students, that is, on their development as researchers, a goal that has and will always have an extraordinary impact on society. We have a shortage of researchers.

With our chair, we aim to encourage the development of skills and the acquisition of transversal skills, since being a researcher is much more than using a pipette, a volumetric laboratory instrument, or being an expert in a specific subject.

“A researcher is more complete if he has transversal skills in facets such as public communication, the ability to synthesize, debate, problem solving, group interaction or leadership”.

At the UAM-Chiesi-Neumomadrid Chair we finance and promote the training of students in transversal skills and competencies aimed at improving the transfer of knowledge to society.

Research grants from the UAM-Chiesi-Neumomadrid Chair.Dr. Francisco Javier García Pérez, president of Neumomadrid, pulmonologist at La Princesa University Hospital, tuberculosis specialist, Why is it so important that research grants focus on respiratory health?

“Respiratory diseases are one of the most prevalent in our country and throughout the world. In addition, the epidemiological studies they show that they have a high morbidity and mortality”, he says

“For this reason, from pneumomadrid we try to deepen the study and research of respiratory diseases, as well as we try to spread knowledge about diagnosis and treatment”, he states.

“The research grants awarded to students who do their doctorate both in the clinical and experimental aspects help us to achieve these goals, always focused on respiratory diseases”, determines the associate professor of the UAM-Chiesi-Neumomadrid Chair.

Research grants from the UAM-Chiesi-Neumomadrid Chair.Maria del Carmen Basolas, Director of Institutional Relations and Sustainability of Chiesi Spain, All the participants in the award ceremony of the Chair’s diplomas dissolve into flowers for Chiesi, It will be because this pharmaceutical company helps to improve the respiratory health of patients ?

“Yes, I’m sure that’s the reason, since we’re a company”B Corp‘, a sustainable and regenerative model, which defends a social and environmental commitment to society beyond achieving, logically, business economic benefits”, he emphasizes.

“We believe that it is not possible at this time in the 21st century for any pharmaceutical company, in any field, to not be committed to society; and for this reason, Chiesi, for more than forty years, has supported the area of ​​respiratory health, a fundamental part of its activity”, he informs.

“We don’t just develop drugs for people’s health, we finance, as happens at the UAM-Chiesi-Neumomadrid Chair, the research of medical students. We are supportive and focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially on ‘ensuring a healthy life by promoting the well-being of all at any age’.

In short, we work for, for and with patients“It claims with this certainty that it gives you ethics and professional experience.

Research grants from the UAM-Chiesi-Neumomadrid Chair.
Family photo the presentation of the diplomas of the Research Grants of the UAM-CHIESI-NEUMOMADRID Chair (left-right): Daniel Lo ReChiesi Scientific Services Manager; Dr. Francisco Javier García Pérezpulmonologist specialist in tuberculosis and president of Neumomadrid; Carlos Sanchez FerrerDean of Medicine at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM); Maria del Carmen BasolasDirector of Institutional Relations and Sustainability of Chiesi Spain; Rocío Villena GutiérrezPhD student in Molecular Biosciences; Daniel Laorden EscuderoPhD student in Medicine; Dolors Queralmedical director of Chiesi; José Ramón Seoane Wheatdirector general of the UAM Foundation; Dr. Julio Ancochea Bermúdez, director of the UAM-Neumomadrid-Chiesi Chair and head of the Pneumology Service at the Princesa University Hospital; and the Dr. Francisco Garcia Rioco-director of the UAM-Neumomadrid-Chiesi Chair and president of SEPAR.

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