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‘Troll’ (2022) review [Netflix]: Nordic Kaiju Cinema

troll is the name of the new action and fantasy film that is released on the first day of this last month of 2022 in netflix. Authentic cinema of Kaijusor giant monsters, in the old Japanese way, loaded with action and special effects, if not acceptable.

Troll begins with a magical introduction of the Tidemann family. Tobías, who believes that giant monsters once existed in the Norwegian mountains, teaches his daughter Nora how Norse legends can have a basis in reality by using a trick of sunlight that draws shadows on the mountains, giving the look at these troll faces. Nora grows up, becomes a paleontologist and distances herself from her father and his supernatural antics. One day, after dynamiting the interior of a mountain, a huge troll emerges from within and begins to sow chaos throughout the region.

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An interesting starting point and if it wasn’t for the movie Troll Hunter (2010), which I recommend even above this one, we could say that it is completely original and new. And it is that there are no other films that deal with these monsters in their gigantic and terrifying form. There are films that present them as funny beings or in sizes similar to humans. The closest would be the characters we all remember and miss from the Spanish cartoon series, David the Gnome from 1985. Those malevolent, grumpy trolls full of snot, but you couldn’t help but love them.

On the other hand, there is the cinema of kaijus. For those who don’t know what this is, has its origin in Japan and was born with the best known to this day, Godzilla. But there are many more, most of which are family to this one, like Mothra (a moth xD), King Ghidorah (a 3-headed dragon), gamera (a flying turtle) o roll (a flying dinosaur similar to the Pteranodon). This cinema had its heyday in the 50s and 60s, thanks to the director Ishiro Honda and the production company tohobut lately we are faced with a great upsurge of this type of cinema and the saga of Godzilla and King Kong they prove it

Once we have some background, let’s go with Troll, the film we are dealing with. The first thing I have to say is that it is very enjoyable. Its 101 minutes of footage fly by. I think this is an indispensable condition in this type of cinema. I will also say that its special effects are at least passable, we can discuss the monster design, which may seem a bit childish, although I think it is justified by the fable or fairy tale nature.

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In the other hand, has a markedly ecological message, very common in all films of this type, I think also necessary. The Kaijus tend to awaken and envelop her when we humans overreach and commit great grievances against nature. It is also disaster cinemaKaijus cinema is usually like that too, but this is where the work fails the most and where clichés begin to surface, stuffed with not very good fortune.

You’ll see if I explain myself. The head of the excavation receives a call that the funds are running out, he explains it to our brilliant protagonist nora and at that very moment he finds an immense dinosaur skull buried 10 cm from the surface, thus saving the excavation. As soon as this happens, we have the very typical government helicopter that arrives at this very moment to look for it norathe scientific expert for a matter of national security. nora comes to the meeting and is the most list of all in every aspect. All politicians and other pundits are brothers-in-law sitting at the bar. It has several similar moments until reaching the most dishonorable of them all which is the harangue speech before entering combat, delivered by Captain Chrison top of a 4×4, as if it were the same William Wallace a Braveheart… “They can take away our lives, but they will never take away from us… Freedom!»

Thus, Troll is a very entertaining film, with a good message and which brings us closer to Norse mythology from a rare point of view. It has some mistakes that can take us a little, but… How the Kaijus grind!

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