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TOP series of 2022 – Frustrated Cinephiles readers

Top series

This year we decided to ask our readers what were their favorite series of 2022. Like everything, everyone has their time to watch series. Where some will have seen more, others will have seen less, but the most beautiful thing is to see the general calculation and discover which ones have managed to remain in the collective memory.

2022 has been an incredible year for television in general. And it is that, as every year, the series industry has equaled – or even surpassed in some situations – the film industry. Series are in fashion and will continue to be for many more years, bringing us great productions that we can enjoy from our sofa. Without further ado, here below is the top series that our readers have chosen in our Telegram group.


3Euphoria – Season 2 (HBO Max)


‘Euphoria’ created by Sam Levinson and known for its unique visual and narrative style which combines drama, comedy and fantasy elements to tell the story of a group of teenagers struggling with drug, sex and relationship problems debuted in 2019 with its first season and returns this 2022 with a second. The first season was a great success for both critics and viewers and this second one has not been left behind, bringing more brilliance, improving things that seemed unbeatable and earning Zendaya her second Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series having also won it for the same role in the first season.

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2The Bear (Disney+)

The Bear

The Bear‘ has positioned itself directly as one of the favorite series of our readers, practically only released just a few months ago. The series tells the heartwarming story of young haute chef Carmy Berzatto, played by Jeremy Allen White, who returns to Chicago to run the family’s Italian sandwich shop. A series with a delicate balance between drama and comedy and a frenetic and chaotic atmosphere which mimics the intensity of a restaurant kitchen and that grabs you from minute one.

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1Split (Apple TV+)


‘Separació’ takes first place in our readers’ top series by a lot. A series that mixes psychological thriller with science fiction in a surprising way and that has happened one of the best contributions to the genre in recent years. It follows a group of Lumon Industries employees who undergo a mandatory program that separates work memories from personal memories. A plot full of intrigue, mystery and suspense that keeps the audience glued to their seats and a spectacular cast including Adam Scott, Patricia Arquette and Christopher Walken make it a the best series of 2022.

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Honorable Mentions

Many series have fallen by the wayside and haven’t entered the top by a long shot, however they deserve to be named for the quality and for what they have meant.

There was no surprise when the prequel to ‘Game of Thrones’ it became the biggest premiere in HBO history, even after its fateful end. The series focuses on the history of the Targaryen house, set 200 years before the events we already saw in GoT.

For me, ‘Better Call Saul’ had already established itself as a spin-off that surpassed ‘Breaking Bad’ from practically the first seasons. This 2022 said goodbye to the second part of the sixth season and that, for those of us who had been following it from the beginning, it meant saying goodbye to a loved one. An indisputable masterpiece.

For decades, ‘Sandman’ fans have been waiting for a faithful adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s magnificent work. In August 2022, this adaptation saw the light thanks to Netflix, bringing many found feelings, many very positive, and counting several differences between the comic and the series.

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