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Top rated CBD delivery apps

The CBD industry is rapidly changing and becoming one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

While CBD products were once niche and not easy to find, that has changed in recent years. CBD is no longer only found in specialty stores that charge unreasonable prices. Now, CBD products are easily accessible from various stores and online retailers.

The wide selection and ease of obtaining CBD products is a key driver of its growing popularity over the past decade.

The CBD industry is still evolving, trying to find its feet in an ever-changing market and economic environment. A good example of this is that there are now dedicated CBD apps where you can buy CBD and have it delivered to your door just like you might order takeout.

CBD apps seem to be a big part of the CBD industry of the future, making CBD very easy to buy and use with just a few clicks.

These are the top rated CBD delivery apps that offer the best CBD oil on the market.

#1 Eaze

Eaze is a relatively new start-up based in California that aims to make shopping for hemp salt products stress-free and super simple.

Eaze has achieved his goal, earning himself the nickname “the Uber of Weed” in California. Eaze’s service brings CBD products to people’s doorsteps as fast as pizza delivery, with just a few taps.

The company stands out because rather than selling its own products to customers, they act as intermediaries. Eaze offers a service very similar to Uber eats, only for the CBD.

The Eaze CBD app lists all the dispensaries they partner with in a specific location and allows customers to explore the brands and products available. Once the products are ordered, Eaze picks up the items and delivers them, just like Uber eats with takeout.

Unfortunately, Eaze’s Style of Use service is currently only available in California. However, the company offers shipping to 45 states for a more traditional online shopping experience.

#2 Caliva

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The Caliva brand handles everything from growing its own hemp plants to delivering them to customers. By managing the entire process, Caliva cuts out the middleman and passes the savings on to its customers.

The Caliva CBD app allows customers to explore available products, place orders and have products delivered directly to their door, making it easier than ever to purchase CBD.

Several app features make shopping with Caliva a seamless experience. Many of these features are only included because Caliva handles the entire process from seed to gate.

For example, the app allows customers to see real-time tracking of orders. While this may not sound too innovative, it makes a real difference.

When shopping online, customers often receive a tracking number to confirm package shipping and then have to navigate a poorly designed third-party shipping website. However, with Caliva, everything is in the app and all the necessary information is right there.

#3 Kushy

Kushy is an app that makes ordering CBD products quick and easy and provides helpful reviews to help you choose the best products and dispensaries effortlessly.

With the Kushy app, you can search for dispensaries within a certain area. All dispensaries are rated using a 5-star system, allowing shoppers to see the stores and products they love from others in the area.

Kushy also consolidates all available offers and promo codes into one place to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Once you’ve selected and ordered your products, you’ll receive updates and notifications about your order. You can also track your delivery on a map, so you don’t have to waste time waiting for your delivery to arrive.

Kushy is a simple yet effective app that facilitates every stage of the purchase and delivery process.

#4 Weed maps

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Weedmaps is an app that lives up to its name, providing a comprehensive map of all the weed and where to find it.

While Weedmaps is primarily an app for ordering CBD and other hemp products, it also includes helpful information and news to help customers find the right products.

The company has a section within the app dedicated to the latest hemp industry news and research. Thanks to these helpful features, users need look no further than Weedmap to keep up with all the latest information related to hemp.

With the Weedmap app, customers can quickly search for nearby dispensaries, doctors, and delivery options, as well as any available deals that might be helpful. There are also features to search based on strains and specific effects to help guide customers who know exactly what they’re looking for.

Weedmap is the ideal app for those who are still learning about the hemp industry and can benefit from this little extra guidance when selecting products.

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