Top 3 Ways to Make Money With Sponsorship

Sponsorship is now a fairly simple way to earn money easily on the internet, for this you only need good advice and sometimes the help of your friends. Indeed, sponsorships it can be done in different ways. First, I’ll tell you what sponsorship is and then I’ll talk about my favorite sponsorship sites.

What is sponsorship?

What is sponsorship really? Sponsorship is in Marketing strategy and a business technique where customers are rewarded with a bonus for recommending and promoting a company’s services or products to another person – a third party – who has purchased a product or service from the same company. He sponsorship offers it often benefits the godfather, godson, or both at once.

Sponsor Cashback Sites

If you do not know the principle of cashback, this is a platform that return percentage of all your online purchases. This way, the money will be accumulated in your kitten and you will be able to transfer this money by bank transfer, PayPal, gift vouchers or donations to associations.

Here are my three places preferred cashback :

You can earn a € 3 bonus on the first purchase validated for each of your referrals and 10% of the iGraal return income on your lifetime referrals. In the meantime, your godson earns € 5 by registering.

For Poulpeo it’s simple, he’s a different partner but it’s exactly the same sponsorship offer and the same operation as Igraal.

The Ebuyclub site allows you to earn € 3 and 10% of all your lifetime income with the first purchase of your referral. For example, your best friend you have sponsored decides to make a € 100 purchase on, you will receive € 20 and a € 3 registration bonus on your kitten, ie € 23. At your side, you will receive 5 € (3 € and 10% of 20 €).

I’ve already talked about iGraal and Ebuyclub in other ABC Argent articles, feel free to learn more about these two money back sites.

Sponsorship through banks

hello bank

Hellobank offers a referral system that benefits both the referral and the referral. In fact, Hellobank allows you to win € 100 per reference within the limit of 10 references per year. As for the godson, he earns € 80 when he opens his deposit account (individually or jointly) and benefits from a € 1 offer for the first six months on certain bank cards. Obviously, this offer is only valid if the referent is already a customer of the bank.


Boursorama Bank also offers a win-win sponsorship system.

If the sponsor opens an account with Boursorama, the sponsor receives € 50 and the sponsor € 100 to be credited to their new account. Sometimes the bank offers flash offers. up to € 150 to open an account! In order to sponsor an account opening, you must have one of the Boursorama products listed in the terms and conditions.

Obviously, there are many other banks that offer this referral system, especially online banks!

Sponsorship through trade

Commercial Republic

Trade Republic is an online broker that allows you to save and invest in business. A little clarification, at the time of registration, you will have to deposit € 50 (which you will recover later) and buy a share (which can only cost 10 cents).

Then, Trade Republic offers you a share with a value that ranges between € 10 and € 200. The referent can earn up to € 15 for each referral made. All Trade Republic customers can sponsor new investors. In fact, once the registration is complete, the user receives a reference code that they can share as much as they want. In order for the sponsorship offer to apply, the sponsor must make a first deposit.

Motivation as an engine

Of course, if you’re really motivated, you can get organized develop a network more broadly, such as offering your links to your loved ones, creating a blog, sharing your links on social media (such as Facebook, or Instagram or Snapchat stories), or even across different platforms. as in forums or in comments on appropriate pages. groups. In any case, the idea is not to hesitate make your links known to try to make as much money as possible!

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