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Today, ‘Traitors España’ premieres on HBO Max, the format of the moment

Traitors Spain is a thrilling psychological game in which eighteen celebrities compete as they try to guess who they can trust among their peers. The eight-part reality series premieres today, February 3, 2023, on HBO Max.

Traitors Spain is the Spanish adaptation of the format ‘The Traitors’, originally developed by IDTV and All3Media for RTL4 in the Netherlands, and versions of which have already been ordered in the UK, US, Belgium and Australia. now arrives in Spain, with 8 installments produced by Gestmusic for HBO Max. The adaptation was shot in a monumental medieval castle, with the participation of 18 famous contestants and led by the actor and director Sergio Peris-Mencheta, who acts as narrator and game master. On the occasion of the premiere, HBO Max decided to set up a press conference in Madrid to solve all our doubts attended by Sergio Peris-Mencheta, executive producer of Gestmusic, Tinet Rubira; the director, Nia Sanjuán; and Miguel Salvat by HBO Max.

Traitors Spain is a thrilling psychological adventure where betrayal and deceit are the rules of the game. Eighteen celebrities gather in a haunting castle, whose profiles, professions and personalities are focused to benefit the game. Your mission is to complete a series of challenges in order to win a loot of silver bars. However, some are designated as traitors among the faithful, and with this, begins a game of lies, confabulations, betrayals and alliances to get to the end. The Traitors aim to assassinate, one by one, all the faithful. The faithful, for their part, will have to discover and banish the traitors. In this exciting psychological format, Will the faithful manage to unmask the traitors in time?

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The press conference reveals all the details

Traitors Spain
HBO Max Spain

The press conference began with Miguel Salvat commenting on the impressions of the format: “This is a very special moment. It is very easy for us to speak well of something that has gone well“. He also spoke on behalf of HBO Max: “Traitors is a very successful format internationally right now. It is the format of the moment and we are delighted to have it».

Tinet Rubira explained to us the dedication that has involved trying to adapt to the standards of HBO Max: «Sergi, the casting, HBO, everyone has done an excellent job. For us it was a very strong responsibility to enter entertainment on a platform where the level of fiction is very high. In order to live up to it, we have made a very cinematic version and a format that is visually well taken care of. It looks like you’re watching a good movie or series.” He also speaks highly of the director: “Traitors Spain it doesn’t get repetitive because different things happen every day. Nia I think he has an excel in his head or something like that, because we recorded a thousand hours and he has turned those thousand hours into eight very interesting programs. And that’s a merit.”

Nia Sanjuán talked about the unexpected things that happened on the set and the importance of Sergio’s presence: «The format is like a catalog of all the possibilities of unexpected things that could happen in the game. Besides, Sergio came and his presence already made the format different, because he has a very powerful image. He is a very smart person who knows how to play and he helped us a lot in the evolution of the plots.” He also spoke to us about the casting and about the game: “We have a fabulous casting that we were looking for to be different, to be faces not necessarily associated with their presence in other television programs”, “It is a reality game that is narrated by Sergio and it has many elements of thriller, many elements that resonate with fiction».

Finally, Sergio told us about his enthusiasm about the format: “I think that this mixture, this heterogeneous cast that they have made, It’s a pleasure“, “Get ready because every day is a twist. I remember Tinet around the corners of the castle pulling his hair saying, but why is this happening to us? And I told him, uncle, that’s crazy.”

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