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‘To the bones: Bones and All’ (2022): Love for exiles

Luca Guadagnino explores the underlying darkness of adolescence a Even the bones: Bones and Alla reliable portrait of the concerns that cloud the judgment of society’s exiles.

From his particular revisit the world of Sigh, Luca Guadagnino is a god to me. His masterful handling of sensitivity, love and the human being in its purest state manages to reach the most intimate part of my being. His movies aren’t easy or fun, though they know which keys to play to get to the depths of your soul. This spiritual verbiage calls the earth empty, but in this case it is fully justified: Guadagnino’s cinema is unique.

For my love towards Guadagnino’s cinema, the announcement of Bonds and All like the closing of the Sitges Festival this year I received it with great enthusiasm. His passage through Venice had dazzled in the press (he won the Silver Lion for best director) and the previous ones works of the Italian author have become referents (Call Me By Your Name i Sigh are unquestionable works of contemporary cinema). Bonds and All promised to be one of the great tapes of the festival, so his pass was one must for the parishioners of Guadagnino.

Bons and All 01

Bonds and All follows in the footsteps of Maren Yearly, an African-American girl who is unable to control her cannibalism. Her father, overwhelmed by the situation, decides to abandon her, although not without first giving her some guidelines for surviving in solitude. Maren’s new life will force her to move through a hostile world full of dangers, but also people like her.

The great card of Guadagnino’s cinema is the deposit left by his works. While viewing Bones and All, you can appreciate the performances, cinematography or soundtrack, though the entire work will reach you hours later to have left the cinema. The situations experienced by the protagonist (a wonderful Taylor Russell) are disjointed, even incoherent, however everything has a reason. Guadagnino’s cinema does not follow the thread of narrative coherence like a film in use. He prefers to deposit his narrative force a the beauty of the casualin a jumble of memories embodied with love and affection.

The road movie who resides in Bonds and All is nothing more than a journey through those dark years of post-adolescence. This stage where everything is black or white, emotions weigh more than thoughts and the world is always against you. Taylor Russell, along with the always mesmerizing Timothée Chalamet, travel through a life they didn’t choose, but it was their turn to live. His brief background in life will be their greatest weapon against the hostility of the environment. Along the way, you will meet other exiles who, for one reason or another, strayed from social conventions and lived fully alien to the real world.


Bonds and All it’s a movie violent, raw and unpleasantbut it is also romantic, true and sentimental. In this it is very similar to Sighsince it creates a magnificent contrast between how brutal life is and the moments that make it worth surviving. Love, main theme in Guadagnino’s work, is the vital engine of all the characters in the play. and love, implacable feeling that condenses them all, has many forms. The sex, the obsession, the affective responsibility, the prying eyes, the first time… Get down to the bones and feel a rise that nothing in life can emulate. This is love, and this is how Luca Guadagnino embodies it.

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