tips to know how to choose the right one

Tips for choosing cleaning chemicals

There are numerous types of cleaning products, useful and tools. But hey, with respect to cleaning chemicals, you have to be especially careful if you were one cleaning professional.

In this article we give you some tips so you don’t get lost when choosing your cleaning products correctly.

Look carefully at the labeling

Before buying a cleaning product, you must pay attention to y read carefully the product labeling. In it you can find out which materials you can use it on, the risks, precautions and the dosage of the product.

The label of the cleaning chemical it is necessary to indicate which substances make up the product and the amount of each of them, in addition they must be indicated danger icons which will alert us to the risks, if it is toxic, if it is flammable or corrosive. In addition, it must indicate the data of the Toxicological Information Service.

Types of cleaning products

The types of cleaning products in terms of their composition are usually divided into:

Acids: They are products that are usually used as old, old citrusthey are usually used for cleaning tiles, sanitary ware, glazed surfaces, etc.

Alkalis: Alkalis are usually used to clean difficult stains and resistant surfaces, they are usually used in degreasers or chlorinated cleaners.

Soaps: They have great foaming capacity and are used for more delicate surfaces as well as manual cleaning of dishes, etc.

Alcohols: Alcohols and solvents are present in glass cleaners, stain removers, cleaners with bioalcohol, etc. bioalcoholThey are quick-drying products, but beware, they are flammable products.

In any case, always trust professional cleaning products for your business or company to achieve the best value for money.

At Clim Professional we are experts in the online sale of cleaning products aimed at the business market, although they are also suitable for domestic use.

What are the benefits of buying cleaning products online? Save on transport costs, get the best prices thanks to the effort for purchase volume, avoid loading heavy products such as vacuum cleaners, cleaning carts or large volumes of cleaning chemicals or make the purchase quickly and comfortably from anywhere.

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