Three renowned food themed casino games

Man has always been fascinated by the different types of food present in his environment. Not only because of its complex preparation or explosive flavor, but also because of the general aesthetic quality of each meal attracts the helpless viewer.

It’s no wonder culinary schools generate millions of dollars annually, progressively teaching young and old, experienced and inexperienced the basics and intricacies of cooking.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at three fun games where you can learn how to cook famous dishes at home using their simplified recipe to create attractive meals. Our list includes casino games found on exemplary casino platforms, and include:

Kitchen fever:

Cooking Fever is a game compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac operating systems. The game revolves around an upcoming chef who works in a breakfast restaurant that serves hot dogs, sausages, pies and cakes. With primitive equipment and tools, the game’s levels are initially difficult to overcome.


Players experience this difficulty when grumpy customers come in large numbers and leave unsatisfied when their order is not filled in a short time. Therefore, the player is always busy cooking, frying, stirring and serving all by himself, while trying to prevent the food from burning. The cost of burned and discarded ingredients would be deducted from the final reward.

Casino Food Games:

Online casinos like Canada-based National Casino offer several food games. Some food games are like the famous CandyCrush, while others are not popular. But of course, the amazing difference between casino food games and the average food game on your gaming platforms is the simple fact that in casino food games, you will earn money with every successful play session.

Some notable casino food games that you can find in any casino worldwide including National Casino are;

  • Burgers Paradise
  • BigChef
  • Candy Bars
  • Sushi bar

Cooking journal:

Like Cooking Fever, the cooking diary is about a young chef who has just inherited her uncle’s run-down restaurant. Since you have no experience, you have to learn how to make sumptuous dishes in a relatively short time.

August 5 (11)

All while rebuilding the restaurant’s image, making friends with the townspeople, going on adventures to find unusual ingredients and making sure the restaurant is always in top condition.

You are a manager, a cook and a lifestyle enthusiast in this game. But more than just another cooking game, Cooking Diary reveals the obstacles cooks face while sourcing high-quality ingredients.

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