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Three innovative projects to improve pediatric health

Three innovative and digital projects that aim to improve pediatric health were presented today at the “Fan Digital” forum, an initiative promoted by the pharmaceutical distributor Cofares

Three innovative and digital projects to improve pediatric health

Image of the “Digital Fan” celebration by Cofares/EFE

In the second edition of this forum, in addition to these three innovative pediatric care projects, a fourth project on artificial intelligence applied to dermatology was also presented.

This debate space aims to promote technological advances of great social impact and make them sustainable with the support of pharmacy and distribution.

This event has brought together different entrepreneurs and experts in the world of health to analyze the growing role that digital tools and new technologies have in improving people’s quality of life.

Together with the Director of Innovation and Digital at Cofares, Jorge Guelbenzu, Diana Ballart, CEO and co-founder of The Smart Lollipop, took part in this meeting; Mabel Gimeno, CEO and co-founder of Dive Medical; Ignacio Valledor, CEO of Lullaai; and Andy Aguilar, CEO and co-founder of Legit Health.

Innovative projects

The Smart Lollipop is a medical device in the shape of a lollipop that facilitates the early diagnosis and monitoring of chronic pathologies through a saliva sample, adapted to the experience of the child patient from 2 years of age.

Diana Ballart has emphasized that the aim of this device is to replace the classic blood test as long as it is possible to take a test with saliva and digitize the results. “We will enter the market with paediatrics, but we also want to make the jump to the adult market with points of sale in pharmacies”, he added.

The first diagnoses of this project will be in hypercholesterolemia and celiac disease.

Diana Ballart presents the project “The Smart Lollipop” at the Digital Fan of Cofares/EFE

Dive Medical offers a universal solution for comprehensive examinations and screenings of visual function through the application of eye tracking and artificial intelligence, suitable from 6 months of age and for the evaluation of children with neurological problems.

“Exploring the visual function in patients such as babies or people with neurological problems is our goal”, explained Mabel Gimeno. From 6 months of age, this device can offer reliable data, especially aimed at primary care.

“One in three visual problems in children remain undetected,” reported Gimeno.

Another of the projects presentedLullabyis a mobile application with which it is possible to speak directly with a certified coach expert in the baby’s sleep, able to provide all the necessary help and information through a chat.

FinallyLegit Health is a clinical intelligence and communication tool for dermatological conditions that, on the one hand, allows the user to speed up the process of reporting the pathology to the specialist and, on the other hand, to increase autonomy and patient control.

This tool detects skin lesions instantly and automatically measures the severity of conditions.

Jorge Guelbenzu has stated that with Fan Digital, Cofares seeks to contribute “its bit to place the pharmacy within the health ecosystem. We work with different external projects to integrate start-ups by providing acceleration, investment and knowledge”.

The first edition of Cofares’ “Digital Fan” took place in September 2021.

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