The worst moment of Marvel and Phase 4 away from box office hits –

2022 is marking a before and an after for Marvel movies, a trend that has been evidenced in the brand’s latest productions and there are several reasons. Marvel seems to have lost the “mojo”, ceasing to be fun and attractive to be “politically correct” (in quotes), something that is also happening to other movies and series. There is more politics behind it than action, excitement and adventure. And at the box office, that is, the audience, they’re telling him that’s not the way. That’s why, without a doubt, this is Marvel’s worst moment.

The highest-grossing films of 2021, which brought out the Chinese films that were ranked first by questions for further analysis, were – in addition to “Spider-Man 3: No Way Home” – “Fast and Furious” 9 ”and“ No Time To Die, ”duplicating the numbers made by“ Black Widow ”and“ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

To the melancholy and depressing tone that saw the last Marvel movies pre pandemic (Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgme), we add the obsession to highlight the role of women at the expense of putting the man in a place of invisibility or villains. . If we review the latest titles presented by Disney or Marvel have a woman as the main protagonist who is always the heroine. In many cases, except for Black Widow, the woman is Oriental or African American. Meanwhile, men are relegated to minor roles, becoming either villains or almost caricatures of masculinity.

Instead of having parents, there is invisibility. Even “No Time To Die” itself has a 007, African American to play to be politically correct. But at least the latest installment of James Bond doesn’t lose the franchise’s DNA.

With Eternals, Marvel showed that it lost the brand that identified it. He stopped having action and emotion, to hide in the script the radicalization to make visible one genre above the other. He stopped having adventures and left good messages, to tell a story of meaningless lamentations. Are you really caring for humanity for millennia but only in the face of an enemy and did nothing to prevent wars or famines? Seriously, beings with unique powers that were actually created with the goal of eliminating Humanity so that new, even more powerful beings exist who create new galaxies and universes?

Nothing in Eternals makes sense. Nor do the latest films presented by the company. Radicalization is one of the great dangers in the history of human beings. And Hollywood instead of leaving a good message of unification, constantly plants the dissociation between woman and man, putting one on top of the other. If for years the industry was unfair in relegating women, now it is unfair in trying to cure the failures of decades, doing the same with men.

The worst moment of Marvel and Phase 4 away from box office hits

What about Marvel movies? They are boring and lost their appeal. If we add to the dystopia generated by the pandemic these stories of despair and melancholy, the result is that the box office does not accompany. And the same goes for his series.

In the ranking of the best and worst Marvel movies to watchEternals, ranks last, not to mention that Thor 4: Love & Thunder, is close to being among the skilled people.

That’s why the most successful film of 2022 is Top Gun: Maverick, which without the backing of great superheroes or franchises, became the highest grossing, for several reasons: it tells an attractive story, without political downsides, with incredible special effects without. resorting to digitization and doing what needs to be done: cinema.

I hope Marvel leaves the policy for the right places, and would like to bring the fun, entertainment, good special effects and meaningful stories that made it successful in Phases 1, 2 and 3, for the place that the audience seeks. : the screen.

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