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Without a doubt, the series Foundation of Apple TV Plus it’s a mega-production that only companies like Apple can make. After many years of waiting for the trilogy, then turned into a literary saga, to be brought to the screen, the company of the apple achieved it, even if the fanatics of Isaac Asimov, were not so happy with the very “free” adaptation What are the main differences between the books and the Foundation series?

1. Male characters replaced by female characters

Questions for a political decision, as several distributors and producers are taking, three of the main male characters in the novels, were replaced by women: Salvor Hardin, Gaal Dornick and Eto Demerzel. Even having strong female characters in both the original trilogy and the prequels and sequels, Apple decided on an unnecessary gender change.

2. The temporary break

Both Eto Demerzel and other characters that appear in the series, do not correspond to the original trilogy and are part of the prequels. Among them, Raych Seldon, son of Hari Seldon.

In the first chapter we see how Raych and Gaal Dornick share the same space / time. Raych died in the prequel Towards the Foundation and Dornick only appears in the book Foundation. It is impossible for them all to know each other, with which, it is also ridiculous that a love story arises between them.

Here too, by a political decision it was decided to replace Asimov’s characterization of the character. In the books, Raych is a short, mustachioed young man, and here he is portrayed by a muscular African-American actor.

3. The terrible case of Eto Demerzel

With Eto Demerzel, series creator David S. Goyer decided to dynamite everything Asimov built throughout his career. And, it is also the responsibility of his daughter, Robyn Asimov, who acts as a producer.

First of all, Demerzel does not appear in the original trilogy either, if not in the prequels and sequels (albeit under different names). Here, too, the timeline is broken, in addition to his gender identity, which was male.

But, beyond the free will of man / woman, Demerzel is a key figure not only in the Foundation but in the Robot Series. Originally his name was Daneel R. Olivaw who evolved over the centuries to become a sort of guardian of Humanity.

Because it was governed by the three laws of robotics it was impossible that he would hurt a human being by action or inaction, something that happens in the series. The negative concept of robotics or the future of humanity was something that was against the principles of Asimov’s humanism.

In addition, his cold personality contrasts with the double role of Chetter Hummin / Eto Demerzel that he had in the prequels, where he not only acted as the Prime Minister of Emperor Cleon, but also as a journalist who constantly helped Seldon for that could make psychohistory concrete.

The worst differences between the books and the Apple TV Foundation series

4. “Creativity” put at the service of Cleon

No one who has read an Asimov book will understand that the series has three cloned Cleon emperors of different ages. Cleon was one, and, the concept of cloning is already ancient including for this era.

The worst differences between the books and the Apple TV Foundation series

5. It is not a lie that it will be difficult to transfer the books to the screen

It must be recognized that the original trilogy can be somewhat complex. Of course, this changed when Asimov wrote the prequels and sequels, which allowed him to tie in with the Robot Series, other of the author’s classic books.

If the Foundation series had started with Hacia la Fundació or Preludio a Fundació, it would have been absolutely attractive to viewers, without the need to break space and time, change the gender of the characters, invent emperors who did not exist, and do it far more. entertaining

To see or not to see Foundation on Apple TV?

The answer is not simple. If you are a reader of Asimov’s books, you will feel more than disappointed by a product that does not respond in any way to the story. We could say that the Foundation looks more like For All Mankind than a Foundation. Para quienes no estan al tanto, For All Mankind (also from Apple TV Plus) plants a parallel story, in which the Americans were not the first to reach the Moon, but the Russians. Here, the premise was clear.

Let’s think if HBO Max or Prime Video or Netflix or any other platform, decides to make a series about Steve Jobs and tell that he was the founder of Microsoft (and not of Apple), that he was not a man, but a woman, and that neither invented the iPhone. It would be a parallel universe, wouldn’t it?

Foundation is that.

Now, if one has never read a book by Asimov and is not aware of the story, winner of the Hugo award for the Best Science Fiction Trilogy of All Time, it is well worth enjoying the millions of dollars that Apple spent and contemplated a visual spectacle, and no more than that.

Meanwhile, there are other more interesting series to watch on Apple TV Plus: from the original For All Mankind, to the tender mystery story Home before darkthe comedy Ted Lassothe espionage proposal Teheran, the drama 5 Days at The Memorial (about Hurricane Katrina), the animated film good luckthe Oscar winner, CODA, (in selected markets), the gripping Truth Be Told or the most recent Black Birdbased on a true story.

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