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the Spanish get a fair pass

The eye health of the Spaniards gets a scratch pass, although in the age group of 41 to 65 years it suspends. Myopia and astigmatism, among the most prevalent vision problems. Today is World Vision Day.

The use of vision is present in all the activities we carry out on a daily basis, where, in addition, it also influences the type of life we ​​follow, so eye health care becomes something crucial.

On the occasion of World Vision Daythe group look has performed the “II Eye Well-Being Barometer”to find out the perception of eye health and visual quality that citizens have about themselves.

The study, based on a survey of a thousand peopleshows that the eye well-being index of the Spaniards is of 5.24 out of 10so we get a fair pass.

In addition, in the case of the age group of 41 to 65 yearswe even suspend, with one 4.93.

On the other hand, the results obtained from the barometer show that most of the population consider themselves to have reasonable eye health, since 74% think that this is “normal”, “good” or “excellent”.

Importance of eye prevention

Sight is an issue that worries Spaniards quite a bit, specifically, in the 41 to 65 age group (84%), with those under 40 being the most carefree group (69%).

The doctor Jaime Aramberri and medical director of Miranza Ókular (Vitoria) warns of the need to raise awareness among the population to check their vision and prevent eye problems.

In this case, the report reveals that more than half of citizens go for checkups every 2-3 years or less frequently.

María Gessa, doctor and medical director of Miranza Verge de Luján (Seville)clarifies: “it is important not to resign yourself to not seeing well and trust in medical treatments and, at the same time, assume an important part of prevention, through the maintenance of healthy habits and annual or biannual ophthalmological examinations” .

What habits are an eye risk factor?

The study notes that more than half of respondents who have a diagnosis have not been treated; with the exception of patients with glaucoma (59% are being treated), followed by those who have myopia and hyperopia (45%), i astigmatism (41%).

And only around one 33% has undergone treatment to solve the eye problem.

On the other hand, the respondents are also not aware of the importance of following healthy habits in the quality of sight.

Only the 40% think that there is a relationship between the state of your eye health and different daily habits, such as sleep littlethe weather, to smoke or to drinkfollow one unbalanced dietbring one sedentary lifeor experience Stress.

“Our eyes are designed for a Paleolithic life: outdoor life, far vision and intense exercise. The current reality is very different and a large part of the population leads a sedentary life with excessive use of screens”, says the ophthalmologist.

Visual quality eye health
Mirança infographic

Poor visual quality can affect the development of certain activities

Visual quality is present in the development of the activities we lead.

Thus, the 79% of the people who declare to carry one active lifemanifests enjoying reasonable eye health, in front of the 71% of what they are sedentary or less assets than they would like.

In cases where there is a sedentary lifestyle or a less active life, the type of view that is most used is a short distance (read the mobile phone, use the computer…).

Although it is not generally perceived that sight affects the development of activities, the 16% of respondents agree that their sight affects the ability to do sports, while one 23% he believes that his sight prevents him from having control over what he does.

In the case of to work i to drive, the visual quality affects more. When driving, the biggest difficulties arise at night and when the weather is not good.

What symptoms could be indicating a vision problem?

The study shows that at least 1 out of every 3 Spaniards you have symptoms of vision problems, including:

  • Sensitivity to light.
  • blurred vision
  • Sensation of vision loss.
  • Irritation, itching or stinging.
  • tear

The presence of symptoms is usually manifested when it is used device (mobile, computer, tablet), a dry environments i windyor when using the air conditioning.

Visual quality Dr. Gessa
Dr. Maria Gessa performing an eye examination. Image provided by Miranza

Most common eye problems

Among the different eye problems, the presbyopia (35%) and the refractive defectslike the myopia (33.8%) and the astigmatism (31.4%), are those diagnosed with the highest prevalence.

Thus, the National College of Opticians-Optometrists (CNOO) warns that in recent years, astigmatism has increased by one 11% and myopia one 9%.

Which supposes that the 72% of the respondents count on the use of glasseswhether assiduously or occasionally, and the 16% with the use of contact lenses. Besides, 35% express feeling discomfort by using these optical correction resources.

The CNOO expresses the importance of going to the existing optical healthcare establishments in order to be able to detect any visual anomaly in time, since three out of ten Spaniards they do not attend periodic reviews.

Recommendations for maintaining good eye health

Miranza experts recommend a series of advices which contribute to taking care of our vision and increasing the eye well-being index:

  • bring one healthy lifestyle: healthy diet, proper hydration, good sleep, no smoking and physical exercise.
  • use one adequate optical correctionchecking graduation annually.
  • In the case of using contact lenses, it is important to do correct maintenance and hygiene.
  • Use eye protection in risky activitiesboth in sport and in the workplace.
  • Pay attention to family history of visual pathology.
  • When working with screensperform a conscious blink, lubricate the ocular surface and rest your eyes for a few seconds every 20 minutes, looking into the distance.
  • Protect yourself from the sun with approved glasses against ultraviolet radiation.
  • Go periodically to the revisions eyepieces to the ophthalmologist.
  • consult urgently if there is a presence of symptoms eyepieces
  • Put yourself in good handsgoing to a specialized medical team.
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