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The series not available on Netflix in the subscription plan with advertising — Conocedores.com

This month it comes into effect in some markets, including Mexico, the United States and Canada, the Netflix’s ad-supported subscription planin which the platform seeks to offer a more economical good although, as we will indicate, with several restrictions including a reproduction quality of up to 720p and several series not available to watch.

Called in English, Netflix Basic with Ads, it is priced at US$6.99 in the US as a way to compete with new players like Disney Plus, HBO Max, Apple TV Plus and Paramount Plus.

Disney Plus will launch its ad-supported plan in December, priced at $7.99, while the ad-free plan will rise to $10.99 on US soil.

Apple TV Plus also increased the price of its subscription, going from US$4.99 to US$6.99. The apple company is excited about the increase, as it reflects a significant increase in its contents.

In addition, Apple does not depend on its subscribers to sustain Apple TV Plus, since the revenue of the platform also provides all the other hardware products, software and services that the firm created by Steve Jobs has.

What series are not available on Netflix to watch the ad-supported plan?

Some of them are favorites of the audience like Breaking Bad, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, The Crown and Cobra Kai.

Netflix says it’s a licensing and agreement issue, and that it’s working to fix the situation. The truth is that the Basic plan with Advertising has several restrictions.

As we explain, the limitation of playback on only one device at the same time, a quality restricted to 720p (not ideal for Full HD and 4K TVs), and the impossibility of downloading to watch offline.

Netflix’s advertising plan is the November news on the platforms. And much more, the series are not available to watch. ?

Which platform to choose then?

In Latin America, we recommend the Combo Plus, which is a Disney Plus with Star Plus along with ESPN sports. In the United States, a good option is Hulu with Disney Plus.

And if the pocket allows it, also summarize Apple TV Plus, with some of the best and most award-winning series. In addition, you can try the service free for 7 days, and it is available for all platforms and operating systems.

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